Sunday, 25 July 2010

2009-10---103 GOALS….2010-11---?????

So Much To Choose From


Well as brilliant as last season was for CFC in the striking department, there are some glaring and obvious issues to be faced. Though we scored more than a hundred goals, we could not find one in our own backyard against a resilient and tough Inter side. No doubt the genius of mourinho played a huge part, but the fact remains that when it came to the d-day we lacked creativity.


Now lets call a spade a spade. Drogba is 32 and will probably last one season or two seasons at the most. We need a striker and when I say striker I mean an out and out striker. Torres in my opinion fits the bill. He has palyed at the top level consistently. Only glitch is his injuries but hey if King can play so can Torres.

Missing out on Torres would be heartbreaking for me personally but the next best thing would be Neymar and Aguero. Neymar because he has shown so much promise. He is brazilian so talent is in his genes. Aguero is young and fast and plays behind the striker. So he can replace Le sulk anytime we feel he is ready.

Pato is nice striker. He has worked with King Carlo before so that’s a plus but I don’t find any reason for him to be first choice above the three. Balotelli while being extremely talented is arrogant and trouble off the field and CFC have all the trouble already. But still these two would be great buys.

My Choice: Buy Torres, Neymar and Aguero. Sell Kalou and Di Santo. If torres comes it would be Chelsea’s biggest coup and a nice deal considering joe joined l’pool now.