Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bruce Buck: Ashley Cole Will Not Join Real Madrid

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has publicly ruled out a move to Real Madrid for Ashley Cole and stated that he is not for sale. Buck believes that that Ashley Cole should work harder to end the negative tabloid press reports and believes that media intrusion to his personal life wouldn’t be less in Spain.

"Ashley Cole is not for sale," Buck told The Guardian.

"That's the bottom line on that. There's no doubt that he's going to be a Chelsea player this season.

"Ashley is a superb player. He is a delight to deal with around the football club, he gets on very well with everyone, he trains very well and he is really a model athlete.

"Obviously, he is not happy with how his private life has become the focus of everything around him and I think we'd like to work with him so that he has a bit of a lower profile. We don't think the problem will change if he went to somewhere else outside of the UK, so I think we want to work with him here to make his personal life more enjoyable.

"We say to all our players that might have personal issues that we want to help them as much as we can and even Carlo [Ancelotti, the manager] has said that on several occasions.”

"There is a limit to what we can do but obviously we want to support our players and we want them to be happy not only on the pitch but also in their private lives. If you are not happy in your private life, it's hard to focus on your professional life."

Buck also demolished all the rumors around Drogba and stated that the club has no intention at all to sell their star player despite the player’s agent claiming that Manchester City were interested .Both clubs have denied the rumors where Buck also maintains that Drogba remains a key player in the squad .However, Buck doesn’t believe that there will be too many additions to the squad next year.

"The club position is pretty straightforward," he added.

"Didier had the Golden Boot, Didier had a great season, Didier is an important part of our plans for this season and the future and he is not for sale.

"We're very happy with the squad we have now," Buck said, "so if there are any more additions, it will be fine-tuning. Whether or not they'll work out, who knows? We'll just see how it goes over the next six weeks."

Editor’s Thought: As a Chelsea Fan Im happy that were keeping our top players at the Stamford Bridge ahead of the 2010/2011 season. However, after letting Joe Cole, Belletti, Deco, Ballack, and maybe Ferreira go, Chelsea should start looking for replacements. So Im not sure if not having “too many additions” as Buck said would be beneficial next season. All we can do as Chelsea fans is wait and see what will happen in the transfer window in the 6 weeks yet to come.