Friday, 9 July 2010

DIDIER DROGBA has urged Anderlecht teen sensation Romelu Lukaku to join him at Chelsea.

Mar. 11, 2010 - 05612037 date 11 03 2010 Copyright imago Oliver Hardt Football UEFA Europe League 2009 2010 Eighth finals Round of 16 Hamburg Club RSC Anderlecht Hamburg 11 03 2010 duel between v l David Rozehnal Hamburg SV and Romelu Lukaku RSC Anderlecht Football men EC 3 UEFA Europe League Europe League 2009 2010 Hamburg Action shot Vdig 2010 vertical premiumd.The young Belgian attacker models his game on the Ivory Coast skipper and it has been revealed that contact has already been made between the two strikers.

Nicolas Cornu, a press spokesman for the Belgian Football Association, asked Drogba about Lukaku during the World Cup finals in South Africa.

"Yes, I've even called him," Drogba told Cornu.

"I got his phone number from Vincent Kompany.

"I told him - you have to sign for Chelsea."

Lukaku, 17, is rated as one of the most talented centre-forwards of his age group in the world and is already a member of the Belgium senior squad.