Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Joe Cole Didn't Leave Because of Me !!!!

     It happened because of economic differences.

    Carlo Ancelotti has said that he had no role to play in the departure of fan favourite Joe Cole this summer but he said it happened because of economical differences at the club where his club's management is trying very hard to reduce the wage bills and achieve self- sufficiency as soon as possible.

Apr. 03, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Manchester United v Chelsea Barclays Premier League - Old Trafford - 3/4/10..Chelsea's Joe Cole in action.
    Manager feels sorry for the creative mid-fielder who spent 7 years at Chelsea but says it was because of his high wage demands which made club management no option but to release him.

    Clubs around England as well as Spain and Italy are rumored to be interested for Joe Cole's services including Liverpool, AC Milan, Arsenal and Spurs, but he is yet to decide his future.

   Manager went on to say that sometimes it becomes too hard to keep hold of your all the prolific assets at once and one or two players have to make sacrifice.