Friday, 23 July 2010

Let Players Join If They Want to Come !!!

Welcome Those Who Really Want To Join

We as fans always hope for star signings at the club, but instead can't we just hope that the players who the club signs actually want to be there. When Robinho failed to transfer to the club we were disappointed but would he really be welcome at the club. After all he chose money over club and we don't want such a player at the club.

SOCCER/FUTBOL WORLD CUP 2010 OCTAVOS DE FINAL BRASIL VS CHILE Action photo of Ramires of Brazil, during game of the 2010 World Cup held at the Ellis Park of Johannesburg, South Africa./Foto de accion de Ramires de Brasil, durante juego de la Copa del Mundo 2010 en el Estadio Ellis Park de Johannesburgo, Sudafrica. 28 June 2010 MEXSPORT/JORGE REYES Photo via Newscom

Michael Essien is one such player. When Lyon had accepted bids from Man United and Chelsea, the player chose Chelsea. His performances and his dedication to Chelsea is a result of that. He has remained faithful to the club and fans.

We think whether players like Ramires and Neymar will join the club. We will welcome them with open arms should they want to join Chelsea. Ramires who has to choose between City and Chelsea, let him go to City if he doesn't want to join Chelsea.

As fans we shouldn't worry about how many players the club signs and whether they can live up to the standards they have set for themselves. We should worry about whether they will have the dedication to the club that we have seen in previous players.