Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Midfield Supremos!!!!

Sudden Depletion????

For a while now CFC's midfield has been taken for granted. Granted in the sense that no matter what we can rely on these group of players to make a difference, to do something magical. Off-late there has been loads of criticism about the increasing age of the players and also the speed which our midfield is not able to generate.

May 15, 2010 - 05909017 date 15 05 2010 Copyright imago Color Sports Football FA Cup Final Chelsea vs Portsmouth Chelsea s Frank Lampard Winning The FA Cup with A Bottle of Champagne AT Wembley Stage London PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxPOLxUSAxONLY London men Football England FA Cup 2009 Final Cup finals Victory Cup victory happiness cheering Vdig xmk 2010 Square Highlight premiumd.With Ballack, Joe Cole and most likely Deco also leaving there is a huge gap which has been created. We still do have Super Frank, Obi Mikel and also mighty essien who is fully fit now, but i don't find the depth that we have so bragged about all these years. Deco leaving is a good thing, he never really hit it off in the league. Ballack imposes his authority but cuts down the pace of our midfield. He never reproduced the magical form as he did for the national team. The prime reason being he was always out of positions. He is someone who plays behind the two strikers, tries to get into the box and does something. With someone like Lampard in the team who scores an average 20 goals a season, he never looked like replacing him. The best thing about lampard is injury is rare(touchwood!!!)

So what we really need now is someone with pace, who can increase the tempo of the game and can change it in a second. This time our buy must not be beyond 26. It will just help preserve the team. Ramires looks like a good done deal so thats one piece of good news. Also I strongly believe we should give kakuta first team opportunities. I have seen a few highlights of the kid's matches and he is absolutely stunning. Really worth the trouble we went for him. Bringing him in would give us some pace something which i was talking about earlier and would also help ourselves fit in with the eight home-grown players rule. Currently we have 6 or something.

Apart from these five i still say we need one more good young talent, a right winger. The place we have been lacking all along. One who can put quality balls in the box, who can make those daunting runs. Does this one player make a difference to an other-wise sparkling midfield. Two examples Check our CL clash with Inter and you will see how bad our right wing was. Second WC Final- the grandest stage of them all, did anyone see how jesus navas ripped the dutch apart. We need to fill that void.

All these whether will work out or not, we can never predict but will find out from August 14. Am waiting!!!