Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Real Madrid open to Kaka departure

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According to reports, Real Madrid have told Chelsea that they are willing to listen to offers for former FIFA Player of the Year, Kaka. The Brazilian has had a bad season with the Spanish giants with niggling injury problems. He hasn't been able to regain the form he had under Carlo Ancelotti at AC Milan.

The Brazilian shares a strong bond with Chelsea boss Ancelotti. Ancelotti even claimed that the two often spoke to each other over the phone. He even admitted that a move for Kaka would help his cause but he would be reluctant to shell out so much money.

Furthermore, Real Madrid seem to be ready to take a loss by selling Kaka. But, they will not take a significant loss. Chelsea also seem to be ready to not pay more than 40 million pounds.

Kaka's love for Carlo Ancelotti could seem to mean that if he was to leave Real Madrid it would almost certainly be for Chelsea. With several midfield players having already left the club Kaka's arrival would be a welcoming one.