Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Whom do you believe ??? Hodgson or punters ???

Some amazing stories are making headways in England and particularly Melwood for last 24 Hours.

Just minutes after leading betting agency Paddy Power suspended the betting on Liverpool supermo Fernando Torres joining Chelsea , Hodgson confirmed to reporters that Javier Mascherano wants out from the club but contrastingly stating that he is confident Torres will stay at Liverpool for next season and that the Spanish hotshot is already looking forward to next season with Liverpool.

Paddy Power spokesman said   “We re-opened the market on Fernando’s next club due to speculation and interest from punters following comments from the City boss Roberto Mancini. However it became clear today that the punters now believe in the rumors linking the Spaniard to west London forcing us to reassess the market

Guillem Balague also tweeted on his twitter account that according to him Torres to Chelsea is almost the done deal and he should be Chelsea player by end of this week.

And just when all Chelsea fans including me got excited by the above piece of news,  minutes later Hodgson came out in press confirming eventual exit of Mascherano but importantly stating Torres going to stay at Melwood.

Now I am confused, whom to believe???  On one side I believe punters because they have very strong inside network wherein they get all the inside news of the things going behind the scenes at various clubs. They got to have strong and reliable network because they have their money at stake and they will incur losses if they don't have strong network.

Plus another reason that convinces me to believe them is, the same betting agency, Paddy Power, suspended the betting on Joe Cole joining Liverpool 24 hours before he officially joined them. Everyone was surprised because all thought Joe was on his way to either Arsenal or Spurs, but punters’s prediction came true.  So I believe this prediction also might come true. Rather I hope, this prediction also comes true !!!