Monday, 30 August 2010

Match Day #3 Ratings - Chelsea Vs. Stoke

Dominant Performance by Blues....
     It might not have been 6-0 thumping again but after watching the game I am very sure we are the team to beat this season.
    First of all over 74% of possession (yes, you read it right) throughout the game is enough to prove my point here that how dominant we were in the game.
    If there were not really good saves by Sorensen (he also saved a first penalty) we would easily have scored 3 more goals in the game but that was not about to happen.
    And there would have been goal by Ashley too on the volley, which should have been the goal to watch again and again.
    I think its really mad to expect that we will be scoring half a dozen goal in each and every match. At the end of the day, what matters is that winning 3 and if you do it in style then its all the worth and we just did it in last game.

    Goal Summary-

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion, Premier League 14/08/2010 Florent Malouda of Chelsea celebrates with Didier Drogba of Chelsea  Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
Two Goal Scorers !!
Malouda 32'
Drogba 77' (penalty)
Lampard - Kalou (72')
Anelka - Sturridge (81')
Essien - Ramires (85')

 Player Ratings-
 Cech - 7 - Again its not his fault for the ratings. This man has not been on television screen for period of time as he has been the player in the squad who has touched the ball for least number of times. Made one save.
 A. Cole - 8 - Keeps proving again and again that why he is the best LB in world at the moment. Was the comrade of the left flank for all the time. Never forgot his defensive duties while thrusting into opponent's half. Would have been fairly rewarded with the goal if he was bit more lucky.
 Terry - 8 - Had fairly quiet match. Did not have to worry about the defending in the game. First goal was scored his quality assist to Malouda.
 Alex - 7 - Another player who did not have to do much more in the game. Always at the position where he was supposed to.
 Ferriera - 6 - Replaced Ivanovic in the starting line-up. Didn't do anything spectacular but fulfilled is duties with no error.
 Malouda - 9 - Spectacular!! He was everywhere when it came to attacking. Surely the star of the match and grabbed the goal in process. Malouda's resurgence has been the key-point of our success.
 Lampard - 6 - Missed the penalty. Did not sparkle in the game and eventually substituted. Later it was confirmed that he is having Hernia surgery in coming week and that was the reason for his not-upto the mark performance.
 Essien - 7 - Tireless!! played with great energy and was moving everywhere.
 Mikel - 7 - He is surely performing his duties without making any silly errors. Didn't make silly passes. and he was really a good player in the match.
 Drogba - 8 - Scored a goal on penalty to wrap the match. His fourth goal of the season in 3 matches makes me fantasize seeing him winning Golden Boot once again.
 Anelka - 8 - His ability to drop deeper has benefited Drogba's performance so far. Really pleasing to watch him play.
 Ramires - 5 - Made his debut it was hardly special as he wanted to be. Hardly touched the ball. We will be expecting to watch his game in future.
 Sturridge - 6 - Same applies to him. Got the chance to score but ball passed the goal line by centimeter distance. He will surely be making many more appearances in upcoming games.
 Kalou - 6 - Super Sub??? Well he didn't do anything special in the game but he surely is on his way to be labelled as super-sub of Chelsea.
 Man of The Match-
  Malouda for his opening goal and good performance throughout the match.
 Smart Stat- 
 Malouda has scored the opening goal in all the matches so far.
 We have gone without conceding the goal for almost 600 minutes (to be precise 586 minutes.)
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