Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Matic, Being Promoted

From Serbia, With Height

When Matic arrived last season it was expected that he was the ideal replacement for veteran Michael Ballack. Now that the latter has gone, maybe its time the towering Serbian shows the talent for which Carlo Ancelotti signed him.

Aug. 01, 2010 - Frankfurt, Hessen - Friendly,..Eintracht Frankfurt vs. FC Chelsea, 01.08.2010..Nemanja Matic (Chelsea .
We must keep in mind that Matic was Carlo Ancelotti's only realy signing. Apart from Zhirkov who was expected to join the club much before Carlo arrived at the club. Clearly, the Italian felt that the midfielder was different.

Nemanja Matic, who narrowly missed out on the World Cup Squad for his nation, has great strength as well as height. Mixed together they make a deadly formula. With his height he could be a great attacking force in the opponents box. He could also be great as a defensive rock helping in clear out all dangerous corners.

Matic could step up now to be the player that the fans want him to be. His height, strength and powerful presence could easily be the substitute for Michael Ballack. Only, we need to show some confidence in him.