Friday, 27 August 2010

The Transfer Window is Closed for Us Already - Carlo

    No More Signings, Says Manager !!!

    Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has said in an interview with the club that the transfer activity for the summer has been for double champions.

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Business Over For The Manager in Transfer Window
    Last season we  won the double and after that we were heavily involved with almost all possible stars in the football world. Even fans were expecting Chelsea signing world class players after the departure of Joe Cole, Ballack, Belletti and Deco.

    Ancelotti had also hinted that we will be making 3 signings in the transfer window. but now it appears that there will be no more inbounds to Stamford Bridge.

    We already have signed two players so far viz Benayoun from Liverpool and Brazilian sensation Ramires from Benfica.

    Let us know what you think regarding transfer activity so far by Chelsea !!!!