Wednesday, 8 September 2010

An Analytical look on how the "big clubs" fared in the Transfer Window!!!

    How The Top Teams Dealt !!! 

    Well as always lets start with my beloved Chelsea. I think Chelsea is looking forward to the new UEFA regulations and is already building on the same. The marquee signing as every blue brother expected never came to pass. Whether it's the lack of quality players at the right prices or the stubbornness of Carlo and Roman, I do not know. Given the current squad I think we can push for all major honors given that we keep certain players fit. If this is the time of consolidation then we must certainly give rising stars like Kakuta and Josh a chance. One thing is certain from the time Carlo came on he has been true to his word. When he says he won't buy he never has. He even went to lengths to promise to run around naked in Cobham if he did so last January. Whether this move(I mean the transfer not the nakedness) will work or not is solely dependent om injuries. We have all seen how lethal Michael is when he is injury free and it shows how we missed him in the last two seasons.

    Now to my neighbors. As clichéd as this may sound arsene will be banging his head about the goalkeeper crisis. Waiting for the last minute and making a marginal increase for a player does not always work. I also do believe Arsene must have bought another striker as RVP is injured always(arsenal's bad luck) and bendtner aint doing wonders on his fitness too. United on the other hand is looking to the future too. Chris Smalling, javier and Bebe doesn't seem the kind of signing any united fan will expect given their allegations about the club's funds. Javier has got real talent and is a beautiful find while Bebe on the other hand I am not sure of. he was supposedly offered for 125000 pounds last season. He does not have the fitness even for a reserve game according to SAF and 7.4 million does not seem great spending especially considering the fact that spurs for the same amount nearly have got VDV. That has to be the biggest coup of the transfer window. A player as good as VDV for 8 million is a big pull off. Spurs haven't brought in any other great reinforcements though their midfield looks too clattered now. I think they are waiting for January to see how far they progress in the CL to actually make substantial Investments.

    My spanish friends in Bernabeau and Nou Camp have made excellent signings to say the least. The special one has added a touch of German class to his midfield. He believes when you pay more than 200 million and buy players who are certainly of great quality (unlike some people in England who never get enough) he made few tinkering here and there. Lets see how that works. Taking out Zlatan who I never really liked and bring in Villa is one of the best moves of the season. Their attack cannot get better. barca now have 8 of the starting eleven of Spain's World cup winning team. It speaks for itself. Elsewhere in the Serie A Milan have strengthened their attack to great proportions. Bringing in Robinho and Zlatan(who though i don't like has spent considerable time in Serie to know how to play in the league) is a masterclass. they are back as one of the dominant forces in Europe.

    I always save the best for the last. In this sense best means only their dealings. Back to the English soil in the City of Manchester where we just witnessed another 100 million spending spree. Now when i say they spent so much people will say so did Chelsea. I accept but most of our buys barring a few like Shevchenko worked brilliantly and thats a fact no one can deny. Well seeing the past few matches Mancini prefers Yaya in an attacking role than in a defensive role for which he is so acclaimed for. Yaya does seem to adapt. Mancini also seems to have the best of English talent in Barry, johnson and Milner. Even in the Euro's they showed real class. How much playing time they will get is another issue. mancini also has Silva and Balotelli who seeing the Wages given and amount spent are sure to start. How does mancini plan to start minimum 5 midfielders is a question mark given that he needs to have 4 st the back and has two in the front. Also Mancini says they are going to compete for all cups in full strength and that is the reason he has such a vast amount of talent in the bench. Will Adebayor, given, lescott etc be reduced to playing in the FA Cup. how long can these stretch and watch the most exciting league go by. Some how with the amount of wages surely the big-guns at City have even greater plans for revenue because in 4 years if they don't make profits they cannot spend on any players like they are accustomed to.

    Oh and not to forget the merseyside friends. They have made the most of the window in my opinion. Most won't agree but given the turbulent times they got cole, Konchesky, meireles, Jovanovic etc These are not the cream of the owrld but they are sure too provide the stability the club so craves for and with a manager like Roy who is known for building such squads it is good for the club until some cash comes in.

    Overall the premier league looks like a battle to the last game and the CL has never got any better. Looking forward to a blue season ahead :)