Thursday, 16 September 2010

Match Day #5 Review - MSK Zilina Vs. Chelsea with Highlights

    Day to Be Remembered for Young Trio

    Last night will be special night for all the Chelsea fans and for 3 young players on whom club is having high hopes. Those players made a first appearance at the European stage and the other young player just made his second appearance of the competition.

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea v Stoke City, Premier League 28/08/2010  Nicolas Anelka of Chelsea in action Photo Marc Atkins Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
Man of The Match
    Sturridge made his first start in the Champions League competition. That was a kind of a day every player will remember in his life. Playing in such prestigious trophy is always the dream of footballer and seeing that dream turning into reality when you are 20 years age is remarkable. Sturridge nowhere looked to be making the first start. His game was really good and he did make most of it last night. and grabbed the goal in the process.Goal in debut match was icing on the cake and I am sure he will be one of the happiest of all.

    We started the game in commanding position and always kept threatening the opposition and looked like scoring at any second, such was the dominant play by us. and finally Essien opened the gates and scored third goal in 2 matches. after few minutes Anelka hit the net twice in the space of 4 minutes and Chelsea were leading 3-0 at just 28th minute. Team was looking in good co-ordination despite the absence of Ashley and Lampard but Zhirkov and Benayoun filled the gaps efficiently and never make the absence felt of regular starters.

    At the end of the half we were leading 3-0 and we started to think that there might be another 6-0 thumping of opponents. Sturridge grabbed his goal in opening minutes and match was sealed in Chelsea's favor. After the 4th goal team changed the gears and instead of scoring goals team focused on passing and controlling the game. Zilina were really good team in the second half and created good chances and eventually got the goal. We must agree that considering their performance they deserved to score. 

    And that moment came, player who has been rated as one of the hottest English talent alongside Arsenal's Wilshere, Chelsea's own Josh McEachran made his debut in the senior team on the 69th minute. That would have been emotional moment for him for sure. Interesting thing is that he became the first player making a appearance who was born after commencement of Champions League in 1992. Josh was born in 1993. He did have real good chance to be score-sheet but as soon as he touched, It was given as off side. Nevertheless, Making a debut at such young age with the team which is called as aging was really special. and lets all hope that we will be able to see this lad regularly in upcoming time.

    The night was special for another player. Talented LB Patrick van Aanholt  also made his debut on European stage. and surely he also won't forget it. Kakuta also came on as substitute only to be making his 2nd appearance in the competition.

    So all the three players who appeared as substitute were  either making their first appearance or making just the second. This told a lot. Ancelotti showed faith in the young brigade and gave them chance despite Zilina being better side in the half. Lest all hope that we will see these and other academy players making appearance here and there this season.

    At last. we won 4-1, grabbed all 3 points. Witnessed young players making debut. Will be going home without injury to any player. What else would you expect??

   Goal Summary-
Essien - 13'
Anelka - 24'
Anelka - 28'
Sturridge - 48'

Oravec - 55' - Zilina

Sturridge - Kakuta 62'
Benayoun - McEachran 69'
MaloudaPatrick van Aanholt 88'

    Man of The Match-
Anelka. Not only for his 2 goals but also his game was really good yesterday. and He deserved to be the man of the match.

    Notable Mention-
No doubt it is Sturridge. He made his debut and made it more memorable with the goal.