Thursday, 14 October 2010


This what read on the Northampton Football Club's Official Website :
Northampton Town under 11 youngster Michael Gyasi has signed for Premier League giants Chelsea for an undisclosed fee that will rise considerably subject to various targets being met.

Striker Gyasi, who lives in Northampton, was part of the Cobblers Centre of Excellence for the last three years, and Head of the Centre Trevor Gould was delighted to see the youngster get his move.
"Not only is this a superb opportunity for Michael but it reinforces the quality of player we are bringing both into the club and through our Centre of Excellence," he said.
"Michael has progressed well and has improved with our coaching, and while we obviously want to produce and keep our best players, when a Premier League club like Chelsea come knocking then as long as the deal is right for the club, we will never stand in a boy's way. It would not be fair on them or their parents to do so. That is the understanding we have with all of our boys, and that trust helps us attract the best local players to the club.
"Financially the deal is good for us, and the money we will receive will aid our youth development, helping us to maintain and improve yet further the infastructure and facilities we have and the coaching we offer."
Chairman David Cardoza said, "Over the last few years we have seen a few players come through our youth system and either progress into our first team, or move on to Premier League clubs.
"We are developing a proud tradition of being a superb Centre of Excellence and the calibre of players we are now producing is of the highest standard, meaning that Premier League clubs are often looking at our players.
"We always want to see young players come through into our own first team, but when this opportunity arises for a player who is at least six or seven years away from being able to play at senior level, you have to step back and consider it. You have to take into account the views of the player and his parents and when all things were considered, this was an excellent move for both Michael and the club.
"The money we will receive will help the youth department continue their excellent work to try and produce more local youngsters who will either progress into our first team, or who will move on to create more income to allow the production line to continue."
Head of Youth Sean Parrish added, "I would like to congratulate Michael Gyasi on his move and wish him every success in his footballing career.
"All credit must go to him and his family for all the support and patience they have shown while all the negotiations have taken place. We would not want to stand in the way of any young player when the so called big boys come calling and if it is financially right for the football club, and it will help fund our Centre of Excellence for future development then we as a club will do what we feel is right.
"All of the Youth/Centre of Excellence staff must also take some praise, because this only highlights all the hard work and effort they put in. It goes to show their work is paying dividends - we are now attracting better players and this will only benefit the club in the long term."