Saturday, 2 October 2010

The past, The present and The future.....


One of my previous posts had been about who will make the final 17. I had looked through the talent that we possess both in the senior squad and our youngsters and at that time I hadn't even considered Josh as he wasn't promoted to the senior team at that point. One thing I had noticed in the past few games is that sometimes our team is made to look real thin. I write this on the back-to-back defeats against NUFC and Man City.

I loved the team against NUFC. We were really unlucky to go 10 men down and our youngsters showed real promise. Newcastle is no ordinary team and they had a decent line up. To be 3-1 and 10 men down Anelka and Alex showed why you cant relax against the might of Chelsea. We lost but we gave them a run for the money. As much as would say Carling Cup is not that important we would have still liked to have been there but thats the past and showed we had some future.

Against Man City is something that hurt us all. I don't know why we have been faltering against them. Is in because of the team they have assembled with the huge transfer fees they have splashed out or is it because we see a Chelsea somewhere in them. I have always said and will continue to believe that Chelsea in 2004 & 2005 were more prudent in their transfer policy than the City of today. We made buys that have atleast not been injured within 45 minutes of the first game. Last week though was a different story. Though we had 2-3 golden chances in front of the goal and we had decent possession at parts of the game Toure and De Jong literally ran over us. For some I did expect the ref's whistle but as Carlo said he forgot about it at that point. What we lacked was the final killer ball which would put the Drog through or that mesmersing skill we have come to expect of Malouda. Both were missing. Ramires still has to learn about what i call as possession football. He has to learn how to hit a wall and stand on his feet and one i think he will learn in the coming days.

Chelsea FC vs Tottenham Hotspur FC Premiership 20/09/09 Photo Nicky Hayes Fotosports International Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa in action.

Now for some good news. Come October 16th, Lampard, Kalou, Bosingwa(Yeah Baby!!!) and Benayoun will be fully fit and raring to go. This would prove great especially if we have a fit squad for Christmas where there will be a heave barrage of matches. Then we will be talking. One thing I want is when Man City come to the Bridge we will have to show them the spine of Chelsea. We have to drown them in Blue is the Color(not some sky blue but true blue).

One Thing is for sure the future of Celsea looks bright with Kakuta, Van Aaholt and Josh. I for one would like to see them more in action this season. Champions league is still too early to start commenting about and hopefully we have a better February in 2011 than 2010.