Sunday, 24 October 2010

Realisation While Watching City Vs. Arsenal Match

While watching city vs. Arsenal match today I realized that, we Chelsea are the only club which didn't get affected by rising power of city. I ain't talking about the match results but all major clubs in Premier League apart from us lost their key players to city.

For example -
United - Tevez
Arsenal - Toure, Adebayor
Everton - Lescott
Villa - Barry, Milner

We also sold SWP and Wayne Bridge to city but that was before the revolutiom(?) at city and also they were never key players in Chelsea team.

In short City gained on others loss but they couldn't affect us and I think that's the key point in Chelsea's dominance over past seasons.
People may say that Chelsea haven't signed big players for past few seasons but I think keeping hold of your quality stars is much tougher task than bringing new players under club services. And we have succeeded in it. And on top of that it happened after the departure of Mourinho, after which there was never such stability at club management until King Carlo took the charge of Londoners. So even during that unstable time we didn't let go our players and for that, players like JT who were linked with a multi-million pounds move to City must be appreciated and also the club management also deserves the credit for it.
What's your say on this? Let us know!