Saturday, 16 October 2010

So Whats Exactly Going On?

Yesterday's Carlo Ancelotti's press conference was bit surprising for
Chelsea fans. Wasn't it? He talked about two matters which are keeping the
club busy in papers last few days.

 When asked about Benayoun, he said he surely hadn't that serious injury
and hadn't tore the muscle when he left for Israel from England for the
national duty. He also went on to say that he has full faith in the club
doctors, on whom Benayoun made heavy criticism.

 These are two contradictory statements by club manager and the club
player. What does this mean exactly? Is Carlo trying to cover up for
doctors? Is benayoun unnecessarily blaming them or that club doctors did
really fail to assess benayoun's exact physical condition? (not to forget
here is that lampard was due to miss 2 weeks as earlier reported but hasn't
played for one and half month now).
Carlo Ancelotti Manager Chelsea 2010/11 Chelsea V Marseille 28/09/10 UEFA Champions League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

 Another surprising comment by king Carlo was about Kakuta, who's contract
is expiring at the end of the season and is heavily linked with German
giants Bayern Munich who are closely following the proceedings at Stamford
Bridge regarding Kakuta's situation. When asked about him, Carlo shrugged
and said if I was at his place I would have signed the contract. Many of
those who watched the press conference live said that his comment was

 So what's exactly going on over Kakuta's situation. Club was in serious
trouble over his transfer last year. What's the exact reason Kakuta hasn't
been ready to sign new contract? If its about enough playing time, then
certainly he has started to get some of it this season as earlier said by
the manager.

 I am really confused after yesterday's press conference. What's your Say
on this aforementioned situations and comments by Ancelotti?