Monday, 29 November 2010

Carlo Needs to Take a Risk

Our midfield has sorely missed Frank Lampard, in fact the whole team has missed him. Despite the fact that he could possibly return next week there is a chance that he might not be 100% because he has been out for almost 3 months. Carlo Ancelotti needs to take a risk and deploy the secret weapon at the club, Josh McEachran.

The young Englishman has won plaudits and had an impressive Champions League debut and his talent is going waste on the bench. McEachran has the composure and the eye for a pass similar to that of Frank Lampard. Yet, the highly rated youngster continues to only make the bench. Why is it that we are afraid to put McEachran into the starting line up for a league game? While other English teams are flourishing with their youngsters (Wilshere, Albrighton and Bannan to name a few) Chelsea continues to be at the bottom end of the table when it comes to youngsters.

Josh McEachran is definitely a once upon a generation player but by keeping him on the bench we are limiting his growth. It is understood that, yes, Carlo Ancelotti is under pressure to have his team perform better. However, when we are missing a player like Frank Lampard why cant we trust a 17 year-old to step into his shoes and do the same.

Carlo simply needs to take a risk and let McEachran play. The earlier this flower called Josh McEachran blooms the faster Chelsea will accelerate towards success. This will only happen if his age is neglected and he is honestly given the same stature as a Ramires or a Mikel.