Sunday, 28 November 2010

Four from a possible 15?!?!?!?!?

Wilkins, Arnesen, and who next???

Writing this post fresh after the match at St James park, I feel the same frustration that every true blue would be feeling all over the world. For the first time this season Chelsea have surrendered their top spot. What has happened to the team which everyone feared to face.

First and foremost of all the players Chelsea are missing I think the most vital is our beloved JT. its not because of the goals that have been leaking alone did i come to this conclusion but when JT is on the field there is always a sense of motivation, a ray of hope. A true leader need not lead by example but must inspire his fellow teammates. With JT out no one is there to lift the team when its down. Next comes Lampard, the man we have so got used to being there for us, putting in match winning performances week in and week out with ease and with no strong replacement the creativity is seriously missing. Michael "The Bison" Essien is also missed. Even when Lampard was out Essien was there to chip in with the goals. He was a man feared. With three vital players missing we had to rely on the likes of Ramires, Josh etc. Ramires is slowly starting to find his feet. His performance at Newcastle today was heartening. He put his foot in for every tackle, ran back and forth, showed energy that would make Essien proud but we are still short of the mark.

I don't know what is happening behind the scenes at the bridge but i get the feeling its something big. Whether its for the good or bad only time can tell. Wilkins sacked, Arnesen resigning, rumours abt King carlo quitting is too much within too short a time. What is Roman doing. Is he really bringing in Guardiola and Bergisitan to emulate Barca??We were going good if not great till a month back. Why the need for a change I seriously do not understand. I have always felt Roman loves the club and he is truly trying to bring something new always though his measures are not what will be appreciated.

Everything aside we need to face the heat. We have an uphill task. With games against Spurs Man United, Arsenal etc coming in December we got to pull up our socks. Essien returns next week and I hope so does our captain and vice captain. with our full strength team i truly believe normal service will resume at the bridge(the likes of 5-0, 6-0, 7-0). In january we might not require new players for the current season injuries not affecting anyone but we certainly need someone new and good soon. Without Lamps in the midfield our plight is frightening. If Roman is planning wholesale changes in the summer I dont think we will buy anyone this winter. Lets just hope for the best and always and when i say always i mean it-KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH