Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Patience Is The Key, In Carlo We Trust

 Faith in Manager and the Players is need of the hour.

   Its not a regular thing this decade that Chelsea getting beaten at home by the visitors in a such a fashion the way Sunderland did. Nor is the circumstances when Chelsea getting beat  3 times in four matches and narrowly winning against minnows on continental stage i.e. Zilina.

    Surely the last few weeks have been the real test of manager and the players. After the unexpected departure of Ray Wilkins who was associated with the club for 37 years. It came as a surprise to Carlo Ancelotti as well as the players. The way he was sacked was more painful then his departure if you ask me. (though I am not doubting his contribution).

    After that the manager lost his captain and Essien was already suspended. and after seeing the performance against Liverpool without him trip of Sunderland and then visit to St. Andrews was not supposed to be easy task. and eventually we lost all those games. Midfield in the absence of Essien and defense in the absence of Terry was vulnerable and we were hit back. On the bright side during this period we got to see the new love of Stamford Bridge, Josh McEachran started the match against Zilina in midweek and he surely made our day bright. Also Aanholt and Sturridge, Bruma had a good game.

    Nonetheless we are still on top of the league though its because of goal difference now still after the 4 defeats so far we are the team to beat. Forget these two weeks which were bad like anything but after the arrival of first team regulars all is supposed to be well.

    But in the meanwhile what concerns me is that the row between manager and the board. Despite all being said surely the things aren't butter smooth at the moment between these two parties. Carlo is clearly unhappy with the removing of Wilkins and arrival of Emenelo, which can be justified if you think neutrally.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 19, 2010. Chelsea FC manager Carlo Ancelotti watches a UEFA Champions League game Spartak Moscow vs. Chelsea. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Alexei Filippov) Photo via Newscom
In Carlo We Trust

    Point to be mentioned here is that every club goes through such bad phase now and then. Its part and parcel of the game and no club, no manager will be consistently winning. These shocks take you down but also give you the power to hit back with more strength than ever and for that the Faith is the must important. Roman has loved this club like his darling. He has splashed tons of money but he also needs to understand that sometimes things don't go down smoothly and as expected and during that troubled time you must show faith in your loved ones and encourage them. We surely don't want Carlo getting a boot now or even at the end of the season. We are in transition phase and we need a stability and Carlo is the one who can deliver it. Numerous talent is coming through the academy at the moment and to nurture them the stability at managerial position is must.

    My point is that, there are not shiny days all the time. One has to face shadowed, cloudy time also. and club management must understand this. Carlo gave us the first double in our history and after that within six months reports are suggesting that he is to get a boot. That's not the way the football culture is established at the club. It needs time, it needs patience.