Monday, 6 December 2010

Why You Should Show Faith in Manager When It needs Most !

    Sacking Is The Last Option One Should Think at This Moment.

    After more than a month with the poor result and club being on the dry run for the longest period in last few years, the club fans and the True Blues(?) have started to question about Carlo Ancelotti and his mettle and the ability of the manager.

    If you are in one of those people here are some points being raised by those TRUE(?) fans and my explanation on this which you should consider while blaming the manager.
    But prior to all that I have some key points to make in case you have forgotten, The same manager won us the double for the first time in our history. We have the biggest ever top flight win under him. We scored most number of goals by any club in one season under him. Also he is the only second oversees boss to win the league in his first season.

    1 - This is a team game.
            Its the normal fan tendency to blame the manager when result are not in the favor of the team you support. But by doing so people forget that Football is team game and players, manager and all the technical staff is jointly responsible for the performance of the club. Let it be a win, lose or a draw. None of the fan seems to appreciate the manager when team wins, that time everyone praises the players who scores or he is pivotal in the game. I am not blaming the fans for this but they should also remember that when team wins it wins with the same players and when it loses with the same players. So pointing your finger only to the manager is not the sign of good fan.(if you ask me)

    2 - Every team goes through this phase.
           No great team in the world will always be having the good time after time, every now and then bad time comes. I agree that this time our bad run has prolonged but it also happens. Its part and parcel of the game. You will never stay on top nor you will always hit the bottom. and that's why this game is interesting.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 19, 2010. Chelsea FC manager Carlo Ancelotti watches a UEFA Champions League game Spartak Moscow vs. Chelsea. (Photo ITAR-TASS / Alexei Filippov) Photo via Newscom
In Carlo We Trust

    3 - Ancelotti doesn't have tactical abilities (?).
            This is the view of some football pundits and they are blaming manager for the poor run of form caused by the poor substitutions. Sometimes manager's changes are not understandable but he is no mad nor he is a rookie. When he makes the substitutions he must be having the reason behind it. Let's take the example of substitution of Ramires for Anelka in the game against Everton last week. Many people literally slagged the manager but in my opinion that was good tactical move. We were never trying to create the goal scoring opportunities in the second half and our attack was not doing its job properly also Anelka had the bad game since it started and contrary to that Everton were looking more and more threatening and always on the verge of scoring. By bringing Ramires in he made more men available in the midfield to stop the piling pressure from opposition.

    4 - He made a mistake by letting key players go (!).
            Apart from the lose of Carvalho other players were never that much of a key figure in the Chelsea line up if you think it wisely. Ballack was instrumental and he may also be counted as exception but as per my opinion why Ballack was there last season is that Joe Cole was on the sidelines as well as Essien was injured and Mikel hadn't achieved the consistency in his game so we needed a player of Ballack's caliber at the midfield but this season it wasn't the case. Essien had returned, Mikel was much better than the last and there were no more injuries in the midfield. and give the honest opinion about others, were Deco, J. Cole or Belletti the key players in our squad?

    5 - He doesn't sign players. (!)
            He isn't going to sign the players out of his pocket. For signing the players we need to be dependent on the owner so far and for another couple of years, and we all know how how strict our transfer policy has been in recent times. Club needs to achieve the break-even if it wishes to play in the Champion League from the season 2013-14 onwards. For that we must cut our spendings substantially and when we spend when the youth are going to get a chance? So signing stars isn't the good option always. and give me frank opinion of yours on this -  would you sacrifice playing in the champions league because of 2 world class players being signed by the club?

    6 - He doesn't give chance to youth (!!)
            I agree on the fact that despite saying not many of our young legs have got the enough time to play this season despite being said by the manager at the start of the season. but so far many have played more than what academy players played in last 7 years or more. Then many of you will say that look at United or Arsenal, they give chances to youngsters even in difficult games. Why not we? and here your question has your answer. Does the manager have full control over the club affairs like WengerKaka and Pato when he was in-charge at Milan. Their owner is no different than Roman but the major difference was that the hierarchy had full faith in Ancelotti. Show same faith here and then witness the magic of Don Carlo.

    7 - Sack him and bring new manager. (utter nuisance)
            Football isn't the game of one season. Its a long long journey and there are always bad patches and that doesn't mean sacking the manager will cure the problems. What guarantee you people give that under new manager these troubled times won't come? and believe me if we sack world-class manager like him no sane manager on this planet Earth would like to take the hot seat at this club.