Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chelsea Times - Luiz Deal Off, Torres Deal On?

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    There will never be a dull moment if you are football fan and especially love Chelsea FC and you could't have asked for any better opportunity to feel the fanzine when it comes to the transfer windows.

    Talking about Chelsea and its transfer window, two major news came last night.

    Luiz Deal is Almost Off

    The signing which was considered as almost done deal doesn't seem to be happening any more. After Benfica declared that the deal is off. The main reason behind this seems to be both clubs couldn't reach the settlement over the manner of payment of transfer fees. Chelsea wanted to pay in instalments whereas Benfica were interested only in lumpsum payment. Not to forget here is Luiz got work - permit also to play in England. This might have been the very first case of this nature.

    Torres Deal On?

    Surely there will be many school of thought over this, whether we need Torres or not at Chelsea. but it seems that we have started to take very serious interest in this transfer. Our initial bid of 35 million (GBP) was rejected by Liverpool straight forwardly. 
    But last day rumours again started to circulate that Torres himself has asked his club to listen to Chelsea offer and he it is also supposed that he intends to leave the club. But still Liverpool fans believe in his love for the club and affection towards fans. So it is very tight situation and can't be predicted what will be outcome.
    One thing which Chelsea fans can take positively is that Liverpool have completed signing of Suarez from Ajax and it remains to be seen where will it lead Torres transfer story.

    Lampard Not Sure Whether He Will Start the Match or Not!

    In yesterday's press conference, Carlo Ancelotti declared he doesn't know whether Lampard will start the match against Everton or not. He hasn't come to the final conclusion yet and it will remain as mystery till the kick-off.

    "Drogba Can Play With Anyone". "Including Torres?" "Yes"

    Yesterday's press conference was much about Chelsea's transfer dealings rather than pre-match briefing. When asked about Drogba, Carlo said, "He can play with anyone." suddenly one reporter asked "including Torres?" and Carlo replied him "YES". but refused to comment further than that.

    So far Carlo hasn't opened his heart regarding our transfer targets and talks with other clubs. He said, the market is very expensive and on top of that we are aiming for quality players. 

    There are still three days before the transfer window closes again and it remains to be seen whether we will sign anybody or not.