Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Luiz Story - Tale Full of Twists and Turns

    The Tale Which Doesn't Seem to Have an End

   If asked to describe in brief,(based on rumours), this is how Luiz's transfer saga look like - close to signing, deal falls, close to signing, deal falls, close to signing, deal falls..... Repeat it as many times you want to.

     Reports say the contract is agreed, personal terms are agreed, he will be granted work permit also. So as a outsider this looks like a done deal but when it comes to Chelsea, no my friend, nothing is going to be smooth and buttery.

     But there are more surprises to this story. Benfica want the agreed fee of £25.5 million in straight cash without delay and in lumpsum whereas we are reluctant to do so and more interested in paying in installments.

     Both clubs have their own reasons for that. For Benfica who are already cash strapped, getting such fee in one go will be like fortune turner and will enable them to strengthen their squad for further. Whereas we, Chelsea, do not want to take such such risk of losing such huge cash outflow in one go.

       Many also say the inclusion of Luiz in  yesterday's Benfica match clearly indicates that the deal has fallen but I guess they just did it to make their point.

        In the morning there came a news that he has been granted the work permit also so that all post formalities are concluded but the signing hasn’t been concluded yet. Getting work-permit before signing the player is really extraordinary case.

        Let's hope all parties will eventually agree upon mutually decided terms and conditions and we will see that Brazilian prodigy at Chelsea by the end of the month.

       But I would suggest not to hold our hopes high as this transfer story is full of twists and turns and anything can happen at any moment.