Friday, 28 January 2011

Match Preview - Everton vs Chelsea F.A. Cup

    Very Important Game of The Season

    After 3 consecutive wins against Ipswich, Blackburn and Bolton away Chelsea will be facing tough competition from the hands of Everton those weekend's FA cup fourth round.

    Surely our confidence will be on high note after Monday's thumping of Bolton but this time it will be more tougher and competitive than before as we will travel to Goodison Park.

     Everton are struggling in league this season but have always been tough task for Chelsea to face especially at their homes recent times, so the match will be tough and even tougher will be the prediction of it.

     Chelsea will surely go with regular 4 3 3 with no surprising changes anywhere on the field.

     Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry and Ashley Cole will take the position as rear guards with the full backs going forward and threatening the opposition with their crosses and speedy game play. Bosingwa still hasn't been to his back yet but he is very much capable to turn it around, another problem which Bosingwa is facing is that he hasn't got any natural aide from right wing who can help him to get best out of time. Talking about the left flank, Cole will be threatening as always with his 1-2 passing and ability to thrust into opposition defence.

    Midfield will consist of 3 players and it's also been reported that Lampard will be fit by then. Taking into consideration his presence, I will go for Mikel and Ramires along with him.

    I would prefer Ramires over Essien cause he has performed really very well in past few weeks whereas Essien hasn't been up to his standard.

    It may also happen that Essien will get go ahead of Mikel considering he has just returned from injury. So either of Essien or Mikkel will take holding role whereas Lampard will play bit at left side of the field and Ramires will take right side. With Lampard in there, surely he will be regularly forward going player and Ramires will handle the linkup.

    I guess there won't be any surprises in selection of front 3 as Anelka, Drogba and Malouda will resume their duties. If it would've been any other F.A. Cup match then I would have preferred Sturridge over Anelka but sorry mate, not his time. Malouda will handle the attack from left and Anelka will keep dropping deeper from right hand side to collect the ball and take it forward.

      Well that's enough of starting lineup, now last point is ''Who will be on bench?''

     With departures of Aanholt, Kakuta and Mellis on loan to Leicester, Fulham and Barnsley respectively, I guess choosing the bench will be headache for Carlo than choosing starting 11.

     I would go for, Hilario, Bertrand, Bruma, Ferriera, McEachran, Sturridge, Kalou. One cause of concern here will be that only McEachran is midfielder there.