Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Match Review - Bolton vs Chelsea

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Thunder Strike
    Team game yielded the result.

    Like all other Chelsea fan, I had doubts in my mind prior to today's match considering there wasn't Lampard and our form. On the other hand the good news was Terry was in team.

     Match started with Bolton inspired and taking the control of early minutes and started to make me worried even further, but we held on to the Bolton storm, kept our nerves tight and didn't allow Bolton to achieve anything further. The compact game in first 10 minutes by us was shaping the coming part of the game. Had we conceded in that time, things might have turned different but that was not going to happen.

    and on the 11th minute, there came a goal and I bet nobody even expected it to happen 2 seconds ago. Thunder strike from Drogba who shoot the ball from way out of box was just phenomenal, after the goal we didn't put ourselves too much in a comfort zone and began the game once again like normal.

    Bolton was playing good and were making good runs in Chelsea half but were lacking killer last pass and we were also good on the back and didn't provide sufficient place to roam in our penalty box area.

    The game was going pretty balanced and again we scored the goal out of nowhere. Mikel provided left footed cross to crowded penalty box and  Malouda did well to convert it into the goal. That was the moment when we turned the match condition for once and all.

    We started the second half with more possession and overall control over the game and things were looking good. Anelka didn't prove us wrong and scored a goal which was well setup from midfield. Particularly I was more happy with the third goal as it involved the team set up which wasn't found in previous 2 goals. After that goal, we made sure that 3 points were going to be in our bag and didn't try to do anything fancy and kept playing normal football game without taking risks and staying strong at the back.

    But the score-line wasn't just going to stop with 3 goals on the board, and on 74th minute, Ramires carved his name on score-sheet after Anelka failed to score and it provided opportunity to Young Brazilian with score simple goal and he didn't disappoint.

    The celebration after his goal was the key moment for me and showed that whole team is together and there is unity in this team despite our poor form in past couple of months. That was reliving moment for all Chelsea fans.

    Also McEachran made his appearance from the bench and played decently. He just never seems to make a bad pass, surely he has good career ahead of him. Another substitute Kalou didn't have to do very much in the game as match was already sealed.

    All in all, today's match was very important for Chelsea and players didn't disappoint us at all and made sure that they still have hunger left in them to go for glory.

    Let's all hope that we will build up our remaining season on this game and will face daunting task of Everton match this weekend with same efficiency.

    Goal Scorers -

    Drogba 11 
    Malouda 41 
    Anelka 56 
    Ramires 74

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