Friday, 28 January 2011

What We learnt from Chelsea's Torres Bid? My Observation

    We Are Still Hungry Was The Message Sent Out by The Club and Its Owner.

    Everyrtime when it is reported that the club is interested in someone's services, there are always going to be two types of responses from fans. ''yes, please'' and ''no, thanks''

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we are still there 

     Same thing might have happened last night when newspapers reported that Chelsea were denied the bid of £35 million for the Liverpool hitman Fernando Torres.

    We all know that we are interested in him for long time, even in summer during world cup it was reported that we have put the bid for him. But here I am not talking about all that drama, I want to talk about something other, something important.

    Does This Bid Suggest That Roman Abramovich Still Loves Chelsea?

    if you ask me then answer will be YES. He's always loved this club, only media was interested in thinking something else. He has tighten his wallet only because of upcoming financial rules. 

     If Found Necessary We Won't Hesitate to Spend Humongous Sums of Money.

    If the player is right, his potential is enormous then surely we are going to spend huge without worrying the '0's.

     Surely that is pretty good sign. And if not Torres (thank god) then some other will come but most reliving fact is that we are STILL  IN  IT

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