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31st January 2011 - The Day to Remember for Chelsea Fans

    Diary of Chelsea Fanatic – 31st January 2011

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    Surely no Chelsea fan could have asked for better Deadline day than 31st January 2011, the day when we splashed out more than £70 million on signing two world class players, First one being the proven goal scoring star and other being the future of Chelsea and his national team Brazil.

Stamford Bridge Stadium, Fulham. Home to Chels...Image via Wikipedia  Last day was full of excitement and tense like anything. One can’t express his feelings in word about what we witnessed yesterday, what we can say is that at the end it was all worth and what ends good is all good.

   Day started with regular rumours that Chelsea are still interested in Torres and deal will go as high as 50 million but there was nothing official coming out and it was also reported that Liverpool are still reluctant to let leave their prized asset without finding the proper replacement. So it was all down to Liverpool signing new striker and letting Torres leave but there was nothing coming out from Red side and it was getting more and more tense.

   After that reports started to emerge that Torres has left Melwood with helicopter and is on verge of landing at Cobham and all Chelsea fans started to celebrate with the news. Time past with this news and then bombshell was dropped saying that Torres hasn’t gone anywhere and is still in Liverpool, not it was worry time for all of us. And fans started to feel that we will miss out on Torres this time also.
    Meanwhile news started to come in was that Chelsea and Benfica will give last try to David Luiz negotiations and will come to the mutual agreement. That was good news coming for Chelsea fans but nothing was coming officially and then again reports faded and again we all felt that it was just rumours and we will miss out again on Luiz. And then suddenly news came in that this deal has very high probability that it will be concluded today.

    On the other side it was being reported that Torres deal might go ahead as Liverpool have bid of £30 million for Newcastle’s Andy Carroll as potential replacement of Torres but hopes faded immediately as Magpies immediately said “no”. Again reports came that another bid of £35 million is being rejected. Now it was all getting darker and darker and it became so obvious that Chelsea will sign Torres only if Liverpool’s bid for Carroll turns into reality and I bet Chelsea fans would have started to pray for the  good news of Liverpool signing Carroll.

    And the good news came and this time it was official that Liverpool FC have come to an agreement with Newcastle United for the British record breaking transfer fee for British player and deal will be concluded subject to Carroll passing fitness test with Scousers.

   Now there was hope again in Chelsea barracks that we will capture Torres on this massively intense deadline day. And now it was matter of time that we will sign Torres and will bring him to Chelsea.

  Elsewhere reports started to emerge that Luiz is on his way to Chelsea with private jet and deal will undergo if he reaches in time as 11pm was getting closer and closer, and all Chelsea fans were finding it difficult to trust whom, as media was reporting contrary to each other. And then again news came that Luiz hasn’t left Benfica for Chelsea and is still in Portugal.

 Here in England, now Torres deal was reported as almost done deal and he will undergo Chelsea medical, some reports suddenly started saying that new deal has been agreed yet as parties are not able to reach mutual agreement of image rights. Now it was time to go mad for all Chelsea fans.

 This game of transfer reports continued for whole day and then sky sports reported that Luiz will land in England by 9pm, just two hours before the deadline and now we all started to pray that he will reach in time and we will conclude this deal today.

 Now it was just under hour to go as it was 10pm on clock and the clock was ticking and still there wasn’t any official news about any of the two signing. Media started reporting that Torres has reached Cobham and now the deal is all but done, we were getting closer and closer to the celebration. But there wasn’t any news yet on David Luiz as nothing was coming firm from that part of the Europe.

    And at last the news came in, just before the 11pm on clock that Chelsea Football Club has signed Fernando Torres from Liverpool FC and David Luiz from Benfica, and this time it was OFFICIAL NEWS and the joy, the celebration we all Chelsea fans had after the news was something special and it can’t be said in words, no matter how hard you try to do it.

    Let’s all celebrate for now with the acquisition of these two prized assets and hope that they will keep dazzling Stamford Bridge faithful for many years to come.
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