Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fan's Letter to King Carlo - Open Letter to Chelsea Manager

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     Carlo Ancelotti.

    This is my first time of writing a letter to such a world class personality like yours so I would like to apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make.

    The reason why I am writing this letter is I am not able to understand what exactly is going on these days at Club and I am hurt as much as any other Chelsea fan on this planet earth and would like to have some clarification from you.

Before that I would like to make myself clear to you that I am not writing this letter to complain to you or to argue with you. I am a normal fan and I understand that being a manager of such big club is a long row to hoe and full difficult moments; defeats will always be there as it is part and parcel of the game.

But the thing which I am not able to understand is why don’t you act upon it? Many club decisions have gone against you since you joined like departure of Ballack, Ray Wilkins to name a few but still you have got a great squad which has very good combination of youth and experienced players who can turn the game in blink of an eye. Then what has happened since last couple of months? Why we aren’t able to mix young and experienced legs on the field? Surely one can’t say our youngsters lack quality, can we? Then why not give them a chance here and there? I am not saying play the whole team of young players but wouldn’t mind if couple of them play regularly or at least make substitute appearance here and there. I know senior players haven’t been up to the potential for few months and we are almost out of title battle. Then why not give those young lads start? They have got hunger to play, hunger to perform and we’ve got nothing to lose? And I bet all the Chelsea fans would happily take defeat if youngsters play rather than star players being on the field and still not contributing anything.

Another thing which I would like to ask you is why you don’t take bold decisions which even we fans understand are necessary to take to turn the match around? Why we don’t change the formation to satisfy the need of the game? We stick to the same formation for the whole game even when things are going against us, we never look like providing extra thrust to the game to turn the battle in our favor. Like for like substitutions may work when we are sitting comfortably but surely won’t work when we understand that this formation or this kind of game play isn’t working at the moment, substituting striker for striker. CDM for CDM, does it make a difference? I honestly don’t think so or at least I haven’t experienced it this season.

  Also why not leave out non-performing stars on the bench? Many players have been below par this season and still they have maintained their position in the team. Why? Is it player power? Or you are afraid to make radical changes? One more question is why we don’t have combination of long and short passes this season? because of its absence, I feel that our game has been quite predictable this season.

    There are plenty of questions in my mind as well as in minds of other Chelsea fans but we are sure that manager of your caliber is more than capable of changing the fortunes of big team like Chelsea and we all are sure that it will be glorious only.

I couldn’t resist myself from writing this letter to you. We all are hoping that something positive will happen out of this, In Chelsea We Trust, In Carlo We Trust.

Your Fan,
Chelsea Fanatic.