Saturday, 5 February 2011



What is up with the UEFA and the certain Mr. Moaning Platini ???

No longer than 24 hours had passed from signing Torres and up came the news that UEFA deemed it as a "worrying sign" from financil fair play point of view. UEFA are trying extremely hard to see to it as clubs dont abide to lavish spending in the transfer market which might put the future of the club in jeopardy. Fair I think. But making such statement after Chelsea signed Torres is nothing but immature.

Chelsea unlike other clubs in Europe and certainly Spanish giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona, havent gone on a spending spree paying ludicrous amounts on over rated players for last few good years. The last time we made significant amount of signings was in 2006. Its 2011 now and for last 5 years it was kind of a dry run as far as transfer window is concerned.

The maximum amount spent on a player since then hasn't gone past 18m pounds that we paid for Bosingwa and Yuri Zhirkov. The excellent Daniel Sturridge signed for fee set by tribunal around 7m pounds. On the other hand clubs like Manchester United spent 30m on avearge Berbatov, Barcelona signed David Villa, Mascherahno for huge sums. Real Madrid history with signing Cristiano for 80m, Kaka' for 56m, Benzema 34m. It also made record for highest money spent by a single club in 1 transfer window.

I want to ask Mr. Platini, where were you and your fellow UEFA members, when all these transfer took place. Where were those " worrying signs" comments? Such huge money spent by these clubs on big names, wasnt it a worrying sign for UEFA from Financial Fair Play point of view?

If it wasn't then it again proves that UEFA is nothing but biased and hopelessly partial. The person who made such comment against Chelsea should have given a thought before making it. He should have given all the points that I made above due consideration which he didn't.

If other clubs spend above 100m in one transfer window, then certainly Chelsea shouldn't be accused if it spends 50m and that too after 5 years of low profile transfer window dealings.

But I know neither Roman Abramovich, nor the Chelsea players and fans give a damn about UEFA or sulking and immature Mr. Platini, because we all are sensible and mature to know and understand what is the truth. The truth is that, Chelsea have sent out the message to UEFA that you can't control our club. We will control it in our own way. It is a sort of kick up their back side. Certainly grapes are sour for the certain Mr. Platini