Friday, 8 April 2011

Speak the truth - You're Jealous!!

Abramovich is perhaps the most famous club-owner in football as he sparked a new revolution in the English Premier League as well as in the rest of Europe back in 2003 when he bought a debt-ridden Chelsea side. From then he splashed millions for his team, in order to establish Chelsea as one of the superpowers in Europe. He did it though, but the 'Holy Grail' to him and to the loyal Chelsea fans, the Champions League are missing in the trophy cabinet of Stamford Bridge. Abramovich, with his money brought young talents like Cech, Robben back in 2004, Drogba, Parker, Sidwell, Tiago, Carvalho, Ballack, Kalou, Del Horno, Shevchenko, Malouda, Torres to name a few stars, to Stamford Bridge.

But many Chelsea haters say Chelsea are the burial grounds for star players........Well, is that so?? Let me tell you all something.

The haters target former Chelsea stars Shevchenko, Ballack, Deco among some notable players as flops.

Here's the man. Many loyal Chelsea fans do call him the "GREAT SHEVA". Indeed, they are right. Maybe he didn't sore many goals, only 9 in 47 appearances, but maybe he was an inspiration to other Chelsea players, and hence the team, and probably can be Didier Drogba. To the haters' point of view, Shevchenko arrived at Chelsea by a record transfer-fee 30.8 million pounds, and he scored much less. Well I can say football is a team game, and it aint a individual game. You can slam players when the team dont perform. But sadly for them, I say, Chelsea did perform in the time during Shevchenko played. Chelsea was the 1st team to win a trophy at the New Wembley Stadium, and they won a FA Cup and a League Cup double back in 2006-2007 season. Again, Chelsea were semi-finalists in the FA Cup next year, and finalists in the UEFA Champions' League final and the League Cup, and also finished in the second place in the Premier League in 2008. Now if he had scored more, maybe 4 or 5 goals more, we could won all, in those competition, where we stumbled at the last moment. But still the achievements by the team in his regime are not enough, haters??

And mind you there was a disallowed goal against Blackburn Rovers back in September 2007, it wasnt offside!! Shevchenko scored it!! Did you all remember? It could have given us 3 points instead of 1. It could have given us the title that year. And Didier Drogba perhaps got the highest inspiration from Shevchenko; he netted 33 goals in the first season of Shevchenko, and it was Drogba's biggest haul in all competitions upto then.
Drogba said, 'I learned a lot from Shevchenko. He was and is still a great player.
'He is one of the best scorers in the Champions League. Playing with him, he was very calm.
'I learned to be calmer and quieter on the pitch, and wait for the ideal moment to score
'It's an honour to be seen as the modern centre-forward. Football has changed; you need to be quick, to repeat runs, play many games. 
'I think fitness is the key. I've seen games in different leagues and you can see there have been changes. 
Influential: Andriy Shevchenko's talents rubbed off on Drogba
Influential: Andriy Shevchenko's talents rubbed off on Drogba
'Strikers have to defend, not only be scoring goals, and create goals. Now most teams play 4-3-3, the objectives of the striker have changed.'

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 And will all Chelsea fans forget the famous 3-2 win at Goodison Park?? Everton, twice led, but Chelsea came back with three marvelous goals, the last one from Drogba, and guess who knocked the ball down to him before he scored??!! None other then Andriy Shevchenko.

Have a look at that goal from Drogba.

So inspiration and team-work is required for and from a striker, and not always the goals, haters!!

Another star you all target is Michael Ballack. You all say that he was a flop? well every time you say it, you all make me fall from the chair. Ballack usually played at Bayern Munich as an attacking midfielder, and also as a central midfielder, but Chelsea were successful in playing him through out the midfield. Ballack started his Chelsea career along with Shevchenko. Chelsea played with a 4-1-2-1-2 formation on many occasions, the anchor man was Essien, and Lampard was behind the two strikers, with Robben and Ballack on the flanks; Ballack being on the right. But sometimes the formation did change into a 3-man midfield, with Lampard, Essien, and Ballack. So Ballack gained some new roles, the roles which he didn't assume neither in Bayern nor in the Germany national team.

At the end of his Chelsea career, he even assumed a defensive midfield role, with anchor-men, Michael Essien and John Obi Mikel injured. He performed well, flourished at that position and shielded the back-four as if like he was born as a defensive midfielder. Mikel was substituted in the Manchester United vs Chelsea match, back in April 2010 at Old Trafford, where Chelsea won 2-1 and it proved decisive for the Blues to go on and clinch the title. He was deployed in the defensive role after Obi Mikel was injured in the Tottenham match in April at White Hart Lane, and he took that role in the following matches. Chelsea recorded 7-0, 2-0, 8-0, and 1-0 wins over Stoke City, Liverpool, Wigan in the Premier League and Portsmouth in the FA Cup respectively, to clinch the Double. So Ballack prevailed in a new role.

These were his defensive capabilities. And do I need to say how he kept his attacking capabilities in his bag, and launch them, when Chelsea needed the most?? Well, Ballack did receive 131 thousand pounds a week; and everyone thought it was for his attacking intent!! Well, he didnt use his attacking intent that much, but as Lampard is always considered as the main attacking spearhead from midfield of Chelsea, Ballack wasnt of something less. Back in 2008, Chelsea talisman, Frank Lampard's mother Pat Lampard died, and he filled Lampard's vacancy by scoring some crucial goals and valuable assists. Well, can we forget that match in which Ballack scored a double against Manchester United back in April, 2008, which we won 2-1 and brought us level on points with them, with 2 games to go??

Here, have a look at that match.

So try to think otherwise haters, a lump of clay can be converted into many different idols, Bayern made one of them, Chelsea made another of them, the fact is both of them are beautiful-------------------------- But sometimes its ugly also!! For sure, we dont make ugly ones, its worth appreciating, and we make things in our way.

Deco also did flourish. Can you name me some names who received the Barclays Player of the Month in his first month in England? Deco got it in September 2008.

Well, you all have a common dialogue, right?

  "Chelsea dont have class, they have money. They cant  produce, but can buy! And money cant buy them class!!"
Scott Sinclair

And I'm completely fed up with these! Yes, its true, that you wont see many players coming out of our ranks, but certainly they have set the world alight in different clubs, after departing from here. Well, do you know Scott Sinclair? He is a joint top scorer at the Championship. He was sold out from Chelsea back in summer. Gael Kakuta, a loanee at this moment to Fulham won the best player award in the Euros under 19. Miroslav Stoch, the Slovakian, was sold to Besiktas, after the World Cup 2010. He helped FC Twente to the Dutch title last season, and even appeared for the Slovakia national team in the World Cup. I dont think, that we dont produce players, haters.

And can we forget Arjen Robben? He is this 'ARJEN ROBBEN' because of Chelsea only.

Well, you say that we only buy players to win trophies, and produce flops or destroy greats into flops, but actually admit the truth, you all are jealous about Mr. Abramovich's spending power. Your owner cant buy players and compete with us in the transfer markets, you all missed out Robben, Alex, Cech, because of that, isnt it?

So try to admit the truth, and speak it bravely, like we, loyal Chelsea fans speak.

Written by: Prad Ghosh