Friday, 6 May 2011

Legend by the Name, God by the Name.......He is Lampard by that Name

Over the last decade, many players have played for two London Clubs - West Ham and Chelsea. Some came directly from one club to the other, os some came to either club, after playing with other clubs, not among these two. The notable ones are Joe Cole, Tal Ben Haim, Carlton Cole, Scott Parker and offcourse, the most enlightened among them is none, but the great Frank Lampard.

I dont need to tell about his deeds up here; not just being a Lampard fanatic, but truly he has proved himself as a God to the Chelsea fans and also a Legend of Chelsea, if not of football (which highly astonishes me, when he is not hailed as one ). Maybe, people will disregard me if I call him the best midfielder in the world, ahead of Xavi, Iniesta, but surely I can ask the same question at the same time, "Where was Xavi and Iniesta some 3 seasons ago?" Those two midfielders attained the zenith of the stage, where someone is hailed, when Spain started to play as the potential future world champions, up then.

Certainly, even if I still refrain myself from calling him the best midfielder in the world (which is inappropiate), I can still say that he is the best box-to-box midfielder who played constantly with his form over the last decade, and scored regularly. He is some few goals away to catch Teddy Sheringham's all-time number of goals in the Premier League, and is the only midfielder up there who is there in the top 10 list of Barclays Premier League scorers. Well, my co-blogger Ash di Spontaneous ( @ChelseaAnalyst )tweeted today:

"@ChelseaAnalyst Most of the media predictions are favoured towards . Yes, it is understandable. UTD has more fan base & the media'll feed them than us."

Well, perhaps thats why Lampard is still under-rated, when at the same time, Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard are hailed, because their respective clubs have bigger fan bases than we have. And thats media hail their players, and fail to track Lampard. Certainly, you wont see Lampard on the ball for much time, as he rather plays an off-the-ball game, but that doesnt mean he escapes from the ball. You'll always see him in the frame, wherever a ball is there. This is his game, and thats why media and other people fail to track him, as they dont see Lampard with the ball, for much time.

But sometimes, not only the media fail to hail his silent heroics and deeds, but some hopeless Chelsea fans fail too. Our great Frank Lampard had hardly missed any game over the years for Chelsea, but he did miss some 4 months for Chelsea this season, and in that time Chelsea did slip from first to fourth in the table. Naturally the hernia took a toll on him, and he was unable to get back to his usual level after coming back, but some impatient fans started to shout to sell him in the summer transfer window. Well, I feel really ashamed when I write these! This aint just only a disgrace, but more than it.

But as usual Lampard never gave up, and resurged the Chelsea Lion in him, and have again hit his top form (if not his pinnacle). In 2010-11, he had some limited appearances, which are only 19. But he had already scored 9 goals and assisted 1 goal, and had 52 shots. He created 47 chances of Chelsea, and his pass-completion rate is 81% (these all stats are for Premier League only). I dont think I need to ask more of Lampard, after doing these since his return. He may have shot sometimes poorly, like, when Malouda played him in the Champions League quarter finals at Old Trafford against Manchester United an d he shot straight at Van der Saar, but I will forgive him for that. Many people did say, Frank Lampard's days are really numbered, even the much self-boasted Joey Barton did say that, but Mourinho said Lampard is like an old vintage wine; he may become old, but his quality will remain the same. I have kept on  believing in those words, and I hoped that Lampard will be back to his best. He haven't come yet though, but doesn't this shot indicate that his fuel tank isnt finished up yet?

Well, I was unable to find a better video for you, but that goal against Tottenham certainly proves that he still has those dangerous shooting skills. Some Chelsea fans are saying to drop Lampard out of line-up and try the trio of Essien-Ramires-Mikel, but I will urge them to request Ancelotti (certainly impossible to have a word with Carlo), to play that trio for some games, and then they will see the outcome. You cant sub the influence of Lampard on the field, he is the main reason why Chelsea have flourished over the last decade. So he is not just a legend to me, he is the absolute God to me.

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