Friday, 27 May 2011

Real's Refusal! Does It Open Doors For Chelsea?

    Real Says They Will Maintain Pact

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    Recently Atletico Madrid officials said that after talking with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, they are made sure that Madrid won't bid for their highly rated talent out of the pact between these two clubs.
    Couple of days ago only Aguero said that he intents to leave Atletico and join other club and likes of Chelsea, Juventus have shown interest in him. It was said that Argentine will be the key to get best out of Torres next season if reports are to be believed. Both these players spent one season together at Atletico before Torres joined Liverpool.

     But it is also said that stumbling block between Chelsea's bid for him is that his high wage demands. (around 200000 pounds a week) and Chelsea don't see it feasible to pay him that much. also his 39 million buyout clause will prove to be detrimental for any transfer approach by Chelsea.

    Despite all this, we know Roman can break the bank if he thinks player is worth and then he won't care about transfer fee. So we will wait and see what happens of this rumours.

    But the question is DO WE REALLY NEED AGUERO?
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