Monday, 23 May 2011

Thank God Season Is Over

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Players and managers will come and go but our
love for this club will never change
    One to Forget
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    Many Chelsea supporters will be relieved by the fact that after 9 months, this painful season is finally over. The season which saw us having our worst run of form in 15 years which started in last year's November till the turn of this year was one to forget. As former boss Carlo Ancelotti said it was a bad moment. Well the bad moment lasted too long, didn't it?

    We finished second this season and I really don't know whether I should be happy with this or not! also we saw never seen coming sudden and unprofessionally handled departure of Ray Wilkins (thanks to Gourlay for that) also the injuries to key players at wrong moment, Drogba's malaria, panic buying of Torres and Luiz in January then finding form in last few games until United game and on the last day sacking of Carlo within 3 hours and all other things are now memories of last season and I really thank god for that.
    There were many unexpected and poor things happened this season but still there were some good moments like Drogba's season opening match hat-trick, Ramires' first goal for the club against Bolton, heroics of Cech all the season, tireless work of Terry, Cole Ivanovic, arrival of star in the name of Josh McEachran in midfield, Ramires's ever improving game, first goal of Torres and goal spree of Sturridge at Bolton on loan to name a few.

    Like an old saying, everything that comes, goes! we all Chelsea fans would like to forget this season as soon as possible and set our eyes on arrival of new manager with new players and will be hoping that next season we will see many academy players getting chances on the way and put some memorable performances throughout the season.
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