Saturday, 14 May 2011

Time To Change Our Team?

    Is summer overhaul really that necessary?    

    So Chelsea lost a big game last week against Manchester united which ended our title hopes for this session and ended this season without any titles. Well am I unhappy? I proudly say NO, this season has been a devastating season for us “a worst run of more then 15 years”, knocked out from FA cup by Everton, and our rivals beat us 2-1 which ended out title hopes. I don’t hesitate to say that we played bad that day and Manchester united deserved the win. But finishing 2nd this season in my context is not a bad achievement. There were times when people said we won’t even qualify for the Champions League next season. And to prove them wrong and to be back in the title race in my view is a great achievement for Carlo and his boys.

     The end of the season brings the rumours of transfers and sacking. Well I hate to say that, right now we are providing media columns after columns about it. Rumours about selling Chelsea players : Drogba, Lampard and Terry and also likes Malouda, Ferreira are also expected to be on the transfer window this season which in my view is a shame for all Chelsea followers. I think we have got many young talents and there is no need to buy any new players this season. Kakuta, McEachran, Sturridge, are some of the fine example that can replace out starting 11 line up. Kaolu can also be promoted to the starting 11. This in my view proves that we don’t need any new players this season.

     Well I won't say we don't need any new players at the club next season, I am only saying that we don't need to change whole shape of the team, same as what Carlo Said yesterday. Every season there will be couple of incoming and outgoing players and that's only I expect to happen.

    And here comes the King Carlo. Yes we have lost horribly this season and he has failed to provide any trophies to Chelsea this time around but I think he should be given a second chance. He is a great manager and his achievements and his past success should not be forgotten. If we sack him, then in my view a great manager who handled Chelsea will be gone just as Jose Mourinho.

    But it is now time to retrospect, decide what went wrong, acknowledge our weaknesses, determine to not to repeat same mistakes, get into a positive frame, and start a new fresh season. It is time to believe in the self, to believe in the players and manager and to believe that we will be Champions again. Sure there will be a few players leaving, a few arriving. There might even be a change in management. But what will remain forever is this spirit Chelsea FC has.

Keep The Blue Flag Flying High !!!!!
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