Friday, 13 May 2011

Tribute To Travelling Chelsea Fans

    They Will Make Every Day A Blue Day !!!!

    We have read, discussed plenty more about which players will go out, who will come, whether Carlo will be manager next season or not and many other things in past few days.

    Well, this post is altogether different from above mentioned things. I am writing this to show my gratitude towards our travelling supporters.

Win or Lose, Up The Blues !!!!
    You always see every club's fan at home are always on top of their voices and sing loudly and cheer their team. And if you are one from Old Trafford or Anfield then it's always going to be at peek. (didn't mention Arsenal cause never ''heard'' them singing).

    It's natural that home support will always be the loudest and if you are winning then the sound doubles but our travelling supporters showed what singing means when you are on the road!

    Despite the ups and downs this season, our supporters were never quiet, let it be UCL night away to Marseille, Spartak or Premier League away tie with Villa or Liverpool. Even when we were losing these people stood, roared and made one remind that they were away fans and in numbers they were less than ten times by the home team's support but if you have counted it on the ''decibel'' scale, let me tell you my friend, you would have gone totally wrong.

    I have never seen such enthusiastic fleet of supporters following their beloved Blues to every stadium. When we played against WBA, they shouted, ''we will win f**k all this season'', and when we were at Trafford last week, please tell me, did we really play at Trafford or was that second Stamford Bridge? Such was the intensity of this travelling support.

    So, I would like to thank them all for giving us such wonderful experience till date and I hope they will continue to do so in future as well.

     Here is one of many videos of our TRUE BLUES singing at top of their voice. It is of last season's away win over Liverpool at Anfield.