Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Will There Be The summer of Overhaul at Chelsea

    To Much of A Speculation, How Much of A Reality?

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    The question regarding whether there will be any summer overhaul at Chelsea this season has been in the minds of all Chelsea fans across the world. Well no one can definitely say anything on it unless you are Roman Abramovich.

    But considering this season and what we achieved and rather what we failed to achieve it seems more likely that the answer of the question will be YES. and to be honest this has to happen sooner rather than later. We offloaded many players at the start of the season and failed to find their replacements and at some point of time we suffered because of it. I am not saying we made mistake in letting many players go, that was because of financial aspect of club but we made mistake in NOT bringing in their replacements. Only first team signing we made is Ramires (I know we also signed Benayoun) and that definitely cost us. Well enough of talk about mistakes of this season.

    What about next season? Will we make balanced signings? Will it be possible to sign few good youngsters considering the upcoming fair play rule? Considering when Chelsea is interested in a player his value gets doubled every time and will we be able to strike a bargain deal?

    Well there are many other questions like will Carlo be the manager? If not, then who will be? Will we find a replacement for Ray Wilkins? Who will succeed Frank Arnesen and what will be the new team of scouts as Arnesen will take his almost whole team of scouts to Hamburg.

    So what we can say is that are many issues to be taken care of in summer. Manager, Players, Administration staff.

    If you are given choice then whom will you like to be signed? Which player/s would you like to go out? Would you like to see Carlo next season? Please vote and let us know what you think.