Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Can Swansea be Welsh Vitesse for Chelsea?

    How about the idea of sending our academy players to Welsh side?

    Next season, Swansea which will be first Welsh side to appear in Barclays Premier League will start their football campaign in highest league in England and Wales after their dramatic play-off final win over Reading at Wembley this Monday.
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    The club which was struggling to pay even their electricity bills few years ago has come a long way and it will be like dream come true for all the club fans.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 30:  Scott Sinclair (L) ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Sinclair Got Benefited With Swansea Move
    The side will ply their trade under former Chelsea youth team and reserves team manager Brendan Rodgers. Rodgers was instrumental in taking Chelsea reject Scott Sinclair to Swansea when he took up the managerial role there and we all are witness of what Sinclair did there!

    My talking point here is, like the way we loaned 3 of our players in the name of Rajkovic, Matic and Delac to Vitesse last season why not do the same with Swansea? Surely Rodgers knows Chelsea youngsters more than any manager in the league as he has worked with them for few years and also by previous incidents players respect him as well. Definitely that was the case when he signed another Chelsea reject Fabio Borini on loan couple of months ago.

    Also Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins was caught as saying 

“Our budget in the Championship was quite possibly in the bottom two or three in the league so nothing will change now we have reached the Premier League.”

    So by this comment it is clear that they won't be making any big signings as expexted. So in short they won't splash the cash by getting excited with the prospect of playing in top league but still they will need few players here and there as Rodgers said,

"I won't rip up the team, I want to add to it. But there is no doubt, we will need to strengthen."

    To summarize, i) his team needs strengthening, they won't spend ridiculous some of money, ii) Rodgers was former Chelsea reserves coach, iii) players like him and iv) Chelsea youngsters need top level experience of playing in Premier League. In short, everything is in place to struck a deal for couple of our future prospects to join Liberty Stadium. That will surely benefit likes of Aanholt or Bruma or Kakuta or Mellis.


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