Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chelsea FC: Shifting of Balance?

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    This may sound to be premature considering we are only through midway of June and no player or even a manager has been signed by Chelsea so far and despite that I couldn’t resist myself from thinking about this issue as it has been occupying my mind for last few months hence I decided to put those thoughts on paper.
    Is Chelsea shifting its balance?
    We have seen Chelsea signing star players like Essien, Drogba, Mikel, Kalou, Alex, Anelka, Ballack, Ivanovic etc since Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea almost 8 years ago now. And the common thing which can be observed between these signings and few others which were signed over the years is that these players have great physical qualities. People like Drogba and Ballack can walk over the opponents with ease with their extreme strength and great built. Midfielders like Essien, Mikel who may not be huge but still they are physical and can actually weather the storm of opposition’s attack with ease.
    But my subject differs from above mentioned players a bit. If we take a look at recent signings made by club we can see that hardly any of the incoming player is physical, for example Ramires, Luiz, Torres, Zhirkov, Benayoun and club prodigy Josh McEachran (though he is only 18). So the common thing between these players is that they are not physical like earlier mentioned players. Even the players Chelsea is rumored to be linked with of not great build, like Neymar, Van Der Wiel, Sanchez etc.
    These are all players have great technique and style of their own rather than strong built which is so called the primal necessity of English game. These players have skills of their own and somewhat play attractive football rather than that stereotype game of tackling and hustling opponents. Ramires sometimes does hard tackles but we may consider him as an exception here.
    These players bring creativity to the team as well as display the attractive play to viewers, something what Roman always has always wished from his beloved team. We have seem back to back title winning manager being sacked because of lack of flair and style of play which proves how owner rates this issue.
    Is this why most of the recent signings are more with skills and ability to exhibit their game rather than just tackling and keeping the ball possession and winning the game? Is this what Roman wants, that the players with flair who can make his team play attractive football?
    Many people will discard what I am saying by Lukaku’s example who is almost certain to join Chelsea. But my point is not every player will be able to play attractive football and player with physical ability are always needed but despite all that we can see Chelsea somewhat, gradually changing its core squad with later mentioned players.
    Do you agree with me? Let me know your say on this!

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