Sunday, 5 June 2011

Different Perspective Towards Chelsea, Hamburg and Arnesen

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    What About Possibility of Mutual Understanding Between Two Clubs?

    It seems that former Chelsea sporting director Frank Arnesen is determined to take away as much as Chelsea’s academy with him to his new club Hamburg in Germany.

    Within a span of a week two players from our academy, Mancienne and Sala followed Arnesen’s path and if reports are to be believed then Tore and Even Bruma will follow the footsteps.

    There are no surprises that Mancienne left the club as he was definitely going to be somewhere else next season but departure of Sala who found himself on Chelsea bench couple of times last season left the club for German side came as a surprise for many of us, but let’s be honest here, how many of us really thought that he would have broken into first team?

    Certainly these departures are enough for many of Chelsea supporters to curse Arnesen and Gourlay (which has been pretty usual for him these days). And in this situation even blaming fans wouldn’t be right as every one of us is desperate to see some young legs from academy breaking into the first team sooner rather than later and in this situation seeing these future prospects leaving the club without even getting real first team action is actually kind of heart breaking for everyone.

    But on the other side we must accept the fact that not everyone from the academy is going to represent Chelsea so at some point or another many of those youngsters will be sold.

    Talking about fans’ ferocity of Arnesen stealing (?) our academy players, I had a talk with couple of friends on twitter particularly @swagadore said that we are looking to build a new kind of relationship with Hamburg as we tried with Vitesse last season by loaning them 3 of our players.

     When I gave a thought to what he said I started to agree more and more with it. Surely our board isn’t mad to sell our youngsters to some other club one after another without having some particular thought in their mind! They must have given long thought before selling those 2 of our players and perhaps couple more till window closes.

     We have seen the capacity of German youth talent in last year’s world cup and many of the clubs there have played a big part in youth development and Hamburg is no exception to that. May be in future if we find gem in their academy they will prefer him to sell us rather than selling to another club and I bet both clubs must have discussed something about it.

     Also on the flip side we Chelsea fans should be happy with the fact that some club is really interested in our youngsters and willing to sign them even they have very little or almost nil experience if first level action, it definitely is a positive sign and one step forward. No doubt Hamburg would have shown any interest in our players if there wasn’t Arnesen but still they are the one who will be finally paying and not Arnesen!!

     So I would like to ask Chelsea supporters to take a look at this Chelsea – Hamburg dealings with some other perspective may be they will also be able to agree with me and some others!! Who knows?


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