Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hidden in Hiddink

The man, who leads the chase for Chelsea's current vacant managerial position, is none but Guus Hiddink, according to the speculations steered by the media and he is the man, who is in the middle of a tug-of-war between the Turkish FA and Roman Abramovich. The Turks are too reluctant to let away Hiddink so easily to Chelsea, and according to some reports, they are even heading to FIFA, to complain about Chelsea's Hiddink-approach. But can anyone really stop Roman Abramovich?

Guus Hiddink had been an advisor to Roman Abramovich for many days, and even if he doesnt come to Chelsea, he is probably having a key role in Chelsea's future transfers. Maybe, we dont know, if he has some pre-plans already of sorting some things out before he arrives at Chelsea, but certainly, he can still have some indirect influences on Chelsea's future even if he doesnt arrive up here. Just cant assure you of the news, but according to The Sun, Hiddink had urged Chelsea to get him Inter playmaker, Wesley Sneijder now!! Well, there are no quotes of Mr. Hiddink in that article, so I doubt its authenticity and state it as another speculation.

But, that doesnt mean, I am not saying that these things cant happen in the future. Yes, they can. Moreover the bondage between Roman Abramovich and Guus Hiddink is much more stronger, than that was between Roman and Carlo Ancelotti. Carlo Ancelotti, as far as I know, didnt have any serious control over the Chelsea transfer market. But, Hiddink though not fully, can really have some degree of control of transfers. Hiddink's 3-month exceptional managerial prowess at Chelsea gifted us many things, which many Chelsea fans and the board, the owner, the media had ever thought of. So Roman Abramovich, apart from his close relationship with the Dutchman, can rely in a more wider way, than he had with his other past managers.

I just dont know, who will be the next Chelsea manager, but I can expect Hiddink as the next Chelsea maager on the basis of the things, going around. Hiddink may have something special, which is hidden in him, and thats why, despite failing to achieve something for Russia and Turkey (maybe, I said it, by looking at Turkey's current Euro qualification progress), we still believe he is the right man, who will infuse the so-called 'Chelseaphobia' within other teams again, and can gift Chelsea fans and our owner with the right prizes in the future.

Written By: Prad Ghosh (ChelseaViewer)

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