Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Lost Gem - Scott Sinclair

    Before starting this article, I want to congratulate Swansea City, for been promoted to the Barclays Premier League. The day before yesterday, they stole the show away from Cardiff City, to be crowned as the play-off champions. So, Chelsea will face a new team, and we will enjoy it, surely. Their style of play have led everyone to call them as 'Swansealona' ( a paradigm of Barcelona). But I am not going to write about their style of play, nor about them. But off course, I will be writing about one of their players, Scott Sinclair. 

Last summer, Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers payed Chelsea, 500,000 pounds for Scott Sinclair. And now, he is the most lethal weapon of the newly promoted Welsh club. A prolific goalscoring winger, who has 27 goals in this season, is also dangerous with his pace and skill. He, along with Borini and Dyer spearheads the deadly Swansea attack.

Well, Scott Sinclair did have five years at the Stamford Bridge, but that wasn't of  a big deal. Many Chelsea fans hardly knew about him. He played just five league games for Chelsea, but was loaned out for six times!!! And so, I back his reaction, after promoting Swansea City to the English Premier League.

He said: "Leaving Chelsea was the best decision I ever made as I'm finally playing every weekend, showing everyone what I can do.

"When you join a club on loan, you're not a part of the team. I got promoted with Birmingham but didn't feel the same emotions as now as I knew I was going back to Chelsea.
"Today, I'm feeling a part of Swansea's success because I've been involved all season.

Yeah, if you are a player, you want to prove yourself everytime, and for that you need chances to play games regularly. He hardly got those chances at Chelsea, as was evident from the fact, that he only got five premier league chances. So, he decided to move on for fulfilling a natural dream of a footballer. Now he is a star of Swansea City. Really he is!! He had scored 27 goals for the Swans, bagged a hat-trick in the play-off final and got Swansea City promoted after so many years. And I am not surprised by the way, the Swansea fans are claiming him as a legend. Here is a tweet from a fan, that he retweeted before the play-off final.

" Lee Garden 

 by Scotty_Sinclair