Monday, 13 June 2011

Santiago Bernabeu- The Dead End

    The title of the article may seem a bit far stretched to you readers. But for me its absolutely not.
Real Madrid is no doubt one of the most prestigious, historic and glamorous club in the world. But there is a very dark side attached to this club which seems every player, especially young talented players seem to not notice or rather not bother to notice.

    For me, Real Madrid is the club who has a knack of wasting career of a talented player. The club has such a intense lure to it that all talented players, whether young or old, experienced or inexperienced get attracted towards it like a magnet attracts the metal, and their journey to the bottom begins.

    I am not making irrational and baseless comments. I have plenty of examples to share with you. Michael Owen comes to my mind every time I hear any new player publicly declaring love for Real Madrid. He comes to my mind every time a player says, “I want to play for the famous WHITE JERSEY “. Michael came from the youth ranks of Liverpool and won the UEFA’s young emerging player in Europe award. Then the accident happen. He signed for Madrid and rest is history. After big failure, not completely his fault, signed from New Castle and then warmed the benches of Manchester United. Ironically won his first Barclays Premier League medal with Manchester United this very year.

    Another players that come to my mind are Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder. Both very hugely disappointed by the shabby treatment given by Real Madrid and left the club for Bayern Munich and Inter Milan respectively. The most ironic fact being both played Champions League final at Santiago Bernabeau the following season. Both have put in performances at the level which has put a tight slap across the face of the Spanish club, making them look like fools to let them go. Robben left for knockdown price of 15m and Wesley Sneijder was sold for paltry 11m. Both have seen their market values increased significantly to 30m and 35m respectively.

    Same goes with Rafael Van Der Vaart ; was vastly ignored for all his time at Madrid, forcing him to finally cut the ties with the club and join Tottenham where he was instant success in his debut season.

    Talking about young guns signing pre-maturely with Madrid ; Sergio Canales springs up instantly in my mind. The 18 year old highly talented lad was attracting heavy interest from Chelsea and Manchester United. But he chose Madrid instead and has struggled ever since to even make a decent run in for the club. Some reports are already suggesting that he has grown increasingly frustrated at Madrid and is looking to leave the club.
My purpose of writing this article is the Neymar news that is doing the rounds in the last 24 hours where his agent has hinted he might opt for Madrid over Chelsea. I think Neymar should read this article before signing for the Real Madrid.

    I just hope that when I write same kind of article few summers down the line, I don’t have to add name of Neymar to the list of names I have mentioned above in the article.