Saturday, 11 June 2011

To Keep or Not to Keep – Didier Drogba Issue

Should he be Chelsea player next season or not?

    Every time this issue of Didier Drogba’s future pops up, there are always two sides strongly arguing against each other. One is adamant saying he is Chelsea legend and should stay at Chelsea as long as he wants to, whereas others are pretty sure that his days are numbered here and we should move on without him at the front.

Didier Drogba in action for Chelsea against Fu...Image via Wikipedia     I don’t totally agree with any of the sides. Just because he is Chelsea legend doesn’t make his seat permanent in first team and on the other side I am not convinced that we are in a position to move on without him as of now.

    What Drogba brings on the table is really astonishing. He brings flavor to the team and his leadership is also well recognized even by Lampard and Terry in many of their interviews. Drogba leads Chelsea attack and without him it doesn’t look anywhere as threatening as it is in his presence, spare his moodiness from it! But you can’t deny the fact that his absence is definitely missed at front. Also I had talked with Jacopo Sala once on facebook and he said that people like Drogba, Terry, Lampard come and talk to us and show their support always. So he is kind of big brother and idol to youngsters.
     Also considering the reports of Chelsea front line revival with the rumours of potential arrival of Lukau who idolizes Drogba and other youngsters like Neymar or De Bruyne, he will be key figure to keep steady Chelsea at front as gelling these youngsters with Torres and getting best out of all of them in first season might prove to be difficult to handle and hence key figure like Drogba will be helpful there. After all we cannot wholly rely on currently out of form Torres and these rumoured arrivals to conquer Europe or to challenge likes of United in the league. And for that reason I would Drogba to stay at Chelsea next season.
    Arguments against his stay is that duo of him and Torres cannot work together which some say led to such poor goal scoring record of Torres since joining us in January window. Surely this thing has truth in it and two mighty figures like those are difficult to handle considering that Roman and Chelsea board are planning to build our attack around Torres rather than Drogba, which is fully justifiable considering the age of Drogba and amount paid to bring Torres at Chelsea. And some say his presence there make things difficult as he is against accepting secondary role behind Torres. Here Drogba has to understand that he already is 34 and should not expect playing in every match for Chelsea even if he has that high level of fitness and ability to perform at top level, cause even all things considered he will not get any younger and because of that relying too much on him will prove to be problematic considering the future. Another argument which goes against Drogba’s case is that he will be free agent next season and hence we should sell him right now to get something out of him rather than letting him go for nothing

    So what I feel is that if he is willing to accept secondary role behind Torres then I would like to see him staying at Chelsea for another season cause mentor like him will benefit Lukaku more than anyone who is more likely to guide our ship in few years time.(of course if he joins Chelsea)    

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