Thursday, 9 June 2011

Why So Serious Chelsea Fans?

No need to panic!!

    For last few days I am seeing that many Chelsea fans are getting restless with the fact that we haven’t signed any player as of yet despite being linked with whole of bunch. And also some are getting impatient seeing that nobody has taken Chelsea hot seat after Ancelotti’s departure. Many are also furious with the fact that United and Liverpool have already started their summer activities and we are still keeping mum over all the affairs and on top of that Hamburg taking away our 3 academy players has helped the cause.
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    Is this really the situation to be panic? Well to be honest, I don’t think so! Definitely it is taking a more time but signing players and appointing manager is not a walk on cake! These things take time and needs proper planning cause these decisions are not reversible in short time. (Except that some will say sacking manager is!).

    Talking about manager appointment, nothing was going to get happened till the Turkey match on June 4th as Hiddink has been our prime target so omit all those days from May 22nd to that match day, and the reason why still he hasn’t been appointed is (If reports are to be believed) that there is row going on between club and Turkish Football Federation over the compensation. It is said that TFF president who is close with Hiddink hasn’t yet made his mind over standing again for election and if he doesn’t then it was said that Hiddink is all set to lose his job because of Turkey’s unsatisfactory performance and during that time news has come that Chelsea are interested in Hiddink, so TFF seems to be holding out over compensation as they will get around 4 million from Chelsea if we take him away. Also it is said that Roman is in Russia for his business and it is getting difficult to strike a deal between all the parties.

    Now comes issue of signing of players! It is unlikely to happen that any player will be signed and announced before announcing the manager, though Hiddink is almost certainty still I guess no signing will be announced, and why we should care about transfer activities of other clubs? They are doing their own business and we’ve got our own to do. Definitely our board isn’t having tea parties off the scene and enjoying the summer! Player transfers is complex and tidy process and takes time, I will wager anything and say definitely negations are going on with at least one or two players. And if there aren’t, still we’ve got 3 months till the transfer window closes, it’s not that late and there is plenty of time to sign players and even sell few from the first team.

    So I ask those fans who are getting restless with all these dull activities to keep calm and stop slating board unnecessarily. We’ve got enough time and owner willing to spend whatever he thinks to be good. So why not enjoy this sunny day instead of worrying?


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