Saturday, 9 July 2011

Michael Essien's Another Injury: Is This The End of Bison?

So Michael Essien has suffered another injury to his right knee and many people are guessing that its the same injury which had invaded Essien over the past years. Michael Essien got injured during a training session this week as said by Chelsea Football Club on their official website. The club said:

"Michael Essien suffered an injury to his right knee during training this week.
He will undergo tests over the next few days to determine the extent of that injury. Until we have the full results of those tests we will not be commenting further."

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By the looks of it, it looks really serious, and there are some serious concerns among many Chelsea fans, that Essien may take at least 6 months, or even worse (whole season) to recover. Well, we are really concerned about it, but the person who is the most concerned is none other than our new manager, Andre Villas Boas. But what is good, that the news of this Essien injury had come a bit earlier, as our team can prepare without him in the preseason. Its true that Michael Essien was out of form in the last season. Now with Lampard's times are getting numbered with his age, our midfield really needs some experience, on which our youngsters such as John Obi Mikel, Ramires or the young Josh McEachran should rely upon. Does it mean that we really need a good signing now? I think its yes.

Malhaar Kale (the founder of Chelsea Fanatic) was tweeting about these similar things today. Yes, we need a new signing, and thats what I think. Many Chelsea fans will call for a creative midfielder to be signed right now. Yes, they are right, but at the same time, those creative midfielders can lack the solidity, which Bison provided in the middle of the park of Chelsea's game. So is it the time for Villas Boas, to make either of Mikel, Ramires or McEachran, a new 'Essien'? I cant comment about it further, but it can happen as Villas Boas is in the charge. Only the coming days will answer my ambiguity.

As for Essien himself, when he returned against Manchester City back in 2009 (the 2008-09) season, he made a sparkling return with a goal, which ended in a 1-0 victory over City at Stamford Bridge. From then, it seemed that Essien had got over his injury, as he alone orchestrated the Chelsea midfield upto December 2009. Then he was injured again and never played again in our  historic 'Double' season. He returned in the preseason against Crystal Palace in 2010, scoring the lone goal of the match again. But as the season went on, we realised Essien had lost his 'Bison' nature. Now, as we have a new energetic manager in Andre Villas Boas, we felt like our manager will be able to return the form of Essien back. But sadly, this new injury can crush our hopes.

We will see the upcoming results of the tests, promised by our club. Now, the only thing we can say is, "Get well soon, Essien."

Written By: Prad Ghosh (ChelseaViewer)

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