Sunday, 28 August 2011

Goal Glut by Manchester Duos but DON'T PANIC!

Oh! dear dear, I smell some fresh fragrance of panic and fear around the London Blues Supporters Camp after watching the Manchester Duos City & United’s start to the season. More panicking taking place after United’s 8-2 bashing of ‘crocked’ Arsenal. Well, It was a good performance by United without an iota of doubt, said that we have nothing to fear. Most fans who start to panic and fear argue based on our results against Stoke, West Brom & Norwich. Every one of us expected Chelsea to thrash off West Brom and Norwich but both ended in a ‘hard earned’ 2-1 & 3-1 wins. Well under Carlo we used to thrash teams by 6,7,8 goal difference and this ‘hard earned wins’ have instinctually put some of the supporters under fear and panic.

Now why I say we need not panic? Well, Grant doesn’t play like Mourinho did, Mourinho didn’t play like Scolari did, Carlo didn’t play like Mourinho did thus we cannot expect AVB to play like Carlo. The Managers are different, their tactics & philosophies are different. Look at our days under Mourinho, we didn’t score like Carlo’s ‘Playstation Football’ yet we managed to win. AVB is from the same camp of Mourinho and an expert tactician like Mourinho too thus there is nothing big for us to panic and fear about. Whether it is 8-0 or 1-0 it is still 3 points (if you are gonna argue about GD, well, when you win, GD doesn’t matter!)
Of course we have a ‘fragile’ midfield and AVB and the club is working to bring is some bright stars. Look at Mata & Lukaku, they were amazing against Norwich. Lukaku is still 18 and he was impressive and Mata – without doubt we have signed a star. Now with Romeu & Davila there is more power added to the midfield. We already have ‘Sir’ Frank, Ramries, Mikel (and Essien is of course out!), Malouda, Benayoun & ‘Super’ Josh! It’s matter of time until we start showing our best. If we sign another ‘classy & creative’ midfielder then that’ll be the cherry on top of the cream! 

And we need our ‘Saviour’ Cech back in action as soon as possible. YES WE ARE MISSING HIM! And look at our defense, Bosingwa, Ivan, Luiz, Alex (might leave though!), ‘Captain’ JT, ‘Hot’ Ashley and may be Van Der Wiel joining that list! City’s or United’s defense doesn’t match this. Look at the Keepers, I honestly don’t think De Gea or Hart is better than Cech! City has an amazing ‘fire power’ which can be matched by Chelsea provided we gain our form. It’s been so long but I’m (we are) waiting for Torres to ignite his fire engines. And with Sturridge returning from suspension, Drogba recovering, Lukaku on form we can match City's fire power.  All together put we can be better than City!

Thus I put my faith on AVB and rest with hope by cheering my ‘Super Team’, Darling, CHELSEA!



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