Friday, 5 August 2011

Whom To Keep? Whom To Sell? Anelka or Kalou?

     Will One of These Two Be Scarified for Rumoured Arrival of Lukaku?

Bridge Bound?
    Reports in the media are on high note for last couple of days suggesting that Lukaku's representatives are in serious discussion with Chelsea officials over this prodigy's much awaited transfer to Chelsea. If that deal goes through and if Lukaku stays as Chelsea player this season and not sent on loan then will any of the current player be let go?

    There is much of a possibility of that situation, cause in the case of arrival of Lukaku we will have Malouda, Kalou, Drogba, Sturridge, Torres, Anelka and Lukaku fighting for 3 places upfront. So it will be bit overcrowded, wouldn't it be? and in that case whom Chelsea will sell, let go? If you ask me then I will say Kalou. Why? here are the reasons -

    Inconsistent - I am well aware of the fact that Kalou reached his personal best last season with more than 10 goals and the time to goal ratio was really good compared to others, but still over his period at Chelsea he has been pretty inconsistent, well that has been the case with other Chelsea strikers as well but still his inconsistency is stark as compared to others. 

Scored double-digit goals last season
    Good Resale Value - It won't take football pundit to tell that Kalou will definitely fetch high resale value than Anelka or even Drogba, given his age. He is in his mid -20s and has lot to be offered as regular first team player, the opportunity which rarely came to his way over the years at Chelsea. Also, Anelka is 32-33 and almost towards the end of high level intensity football, so unless Sheikhs come in, no sane club will pay extravagant sum of money for his services. But on the other hand, if Kalou is sold he will definitely make us richer by at least 15 million pounds, and that is in no way bad transfer fee. Another wild guess which comes to my mind is what about using him as make-weight for Modric signing? We have plenty of options at the front and on the other hand it is said that Uncle 'Arry is in search of striker to solve his club's attacking problems. Wouldn't that be win-win situation for both the clubs?

    Sturridge Factor - Anelka staying will be good news for Sturridge's future at Chelsea, this is said after taking into consideration that he won't be loaned out this season. During the pre-season AVB used Sturridge at right side of front 3, where both Anelka and Kalou can play. So there are 3 players competing for one place. In such scenario, I will let Kalou leave over Anelka cause, Sturridge is "almost" finished product and in couple of seasons he will be regular starter for Chelsea if everything goes in proper direction, and in that time Anelka's contract expires at the end of this season, So we will have our own successor of Anelka in next one or two seasons. But on the other hand, if we let Anelka go and keep Kalou, the opportunities of Sturidge will always be limited as Kalou will fall first in the pecking order to succeed Anelka.

    Another thing is Anelka seems to have accepted the secondary role at Chelsea and knows that he won't get to play in each and every match since the arrival of Torres, but Kalou on the other hand has reiterated his desire to play in the starting line-up many times so far and his commented about it in the media just too many times. 

Ready for A Secondary Role
    In the end, I would like to say again that this is my completely wild guess over the departure of any of these two players and our new manager Andre Villas-Boas knows what to do and whatever he does regarding the signing, selling of players, I can assure you that he will have full support of fans like me. Up The Chels!!!