Saturday, 24 September 2011

In Hindsight, sacking Ancelotti was a mistake

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Roman Abrahmovich is a one of a kind Football Club owner who has poured almost 1 billion clubs into Chelsea to turn it into one of the greatest teams in Europe in a matter of 10 years. His decision to hire AVB can be seen as a change in his perspective.

Roman is not the man to shell out 15 million to hire a young manager and then sack him; it is clear to be seen for us fans that Abrahmovich wants to support AVB in building a successful 'empire' so to speak at Chelsea, similar to what Sir Alex has done at Manchester United with great success.

While AVB is a great manager this article is not about hiring him or his progress, it is about Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian was a breath of fresh air at Chelsea with his attacking style of play and strong defense which saw us score 106 goals in his first season. However, Ancelotti was on a different page. His philosophy was based largely around using the older players and the 'Milan Lab' theory to prolong the careers of the experienced players and bring as much out of them as possible.

Ancelotti made his last play in the transfer market in January when he splashed out 75 million to bring Fernando Torres and David Luiz to the club. However, his results disappointing in the second half of the season.

Had Ancelotti been given one more year I am sure he would have revamped the club and his positive relationship with existing players would have meant that his ideas of attacking football would have remained. Ancelotti is a proven manager and Abrahmovich knows that for sure, having had many conversations with him on Football even before the Italian was made manager.

AVB and Ancelotti both have the same ideology in the sense that they want to get as much from the experienced players as possible but also want to groom younger players. Ancelotti would have done the same AVB is doing now.

AVB has made a positive start but I know he will not be sacked at the end of the season, whatever the result because Roman wants to create a winning mentality at the club that will only come with stability. Ancelotti lost his job not because his results were failing but because Roman knew he wouldn't have stayed at the club for long anyways. With AVB Roman has the assurance that he will stay at the club for 10 - 20 years, provided the club is successful.

So in hindsight we could have done without sacking Ancelotti and we have definitely still won trophies, but AVB was what Roman was waiting for, for so long.