Monday, 12 September 2011

'Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the £50m of all?'

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the beautiful among all?" 

Certainly, this can be a line from the fairytale, 'Snow White and Seven Dwarfs', and if you ask any Chelsea girl, that who is the most handsome player in the squad, they will say Fernando Torres. But looks dont count on football (except for merchandise and promotion purposes), rather beauty in football counts. Torres is handsome! Ok! His game is beautiful too! But not his form. I am not bothered by his lack of goals, whilst Spain coach Del Bosque and the media are, as long as my team is winning. To me, Chelsea matters more, and not Torres or any individual in the squad.

Fernando Torres risked the wrath of the Chelsea Old Guard by branding them slow and inefficient, as he tries to offload some of his critics from his back. From the helm of Mourinho to Torres' £50m arrival, Chelsea largely depended on Didier Drogba's physique and Frank Lampard's goals. The system worked, and it yielded Chelsea 3 league titles (along with other notables), and established Chelsea as one of the most powerful and feared clubs in England, as well as in Europe. Needless to say, even till now, the 'slow' and so-called 'inefficient' Lampard can pick a pass or which turns out to be an assist for Drogbas, Anelkas, Maloudas, Kalous, or any player in the squad, who was a part of the squad before Torres' arrival. But I dont understand why those balls dont reach Torres!

Goals do come from the Old Guard, as well as character, even till now. Then why are we blaming the system which had been our mainstay for these past years? And why are we blaming our players for not feeding up Torres with passes and crosses? Is Torres more important than Chelsea now? Certainly, Torres is more important than Chelsea, to those gloryhunters who had joined our bandwagon after Torres arrived. If you had seen Lukaku playing against Norwich City, you would have seen him getting more chances than Torres got, as Lukaku's playing style is more like that of Drogba. Torres cost us £50m, and for him we bought Mata for another £25m and we indulged ourselves in Modric saga until the summer transfer deadline. Now what more if Torres doesnt score? 

Some people are suggesting to bench the Old Guard and rope in a lineup mastered by our young players. Certainly that can increase our game's speed and creativity in the centre of the park, but it will lack determination, inspiration, character and leadership, which are ideal things to glory for any team. We have seen in recent years, how Arsenal had stumbled due to lack of those attributes and I fear the same fate for us, if we change the system for Torres. And our new manager cant save us then. The team can lack a calm penalty-taker, who can slot it into the net even in the 90th minute, when the team isnt in a winning position, or the team can lack a leader who can roar loudly to his teammates to show the character for winning the game. The gloryhunters will leave us as usual then, when there will be no glory. 

Torres can be a star, and a great talented footballer, but his misfiring doesnt mean our system is to be blamed. In other words, he aint fitted to our pristine system, with this presence of him, which made us 'Chelsea' today. To change the whole squad, a transition is needed. But to choose the path of transition is a way of gambling, as consequences are unknown. I dont know how much helpful it will be, by changing the system for Torres, but I would rather want Torres to adapt to our system. 

I have not criticised Torres in this article, as I am not a gloryhunter and I am against the idea of criticizing my own players, but I urge all of you, readers, to think it otherwise that our system aint wrong, despite being 'slow' and 'old'. 

Somewhere down a lane of mind, a line is budging me.....

'Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the £50m of all?'

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