Friday, 30 December 2011

Urging some improvements for the Chelsea official twitter account

We all crave for popularity, and when its down to commercial purposes, popularity becomes the chief agent for success. Chelsea Football Club is our favourite club, and down the years it has become one of the popular sports organization throughout the world. Like every club, we too have a twitter account to promote the club's popularity socially.

We all follow it. The account updates us with all the latest official Chelsea news, as we all know. But sometimes, I think the account is short of something. What is it? The account doesn't communicate with anyone. I don't know whether they check their mention box or if they do, why they don't reply us. Certainly its crazy, or rather insane to be more elaborate, to reply all, but still the account can reply 20 mentions a day?

Chelsea was voted the most successful club in the Premier League in social activity in a poll recently, but that doesn't please us all. We depend on articles from our popular enemy, the media. Most of them consist of 99% crap, but we still have to rely on them. We don't know what goes on inside Cobham, but some unpopular stories arise from the media, reporting bust-ups which seem to be coming from nowhere, comes on our twitter timeline. We all expect someone to clear the air, and only some Chelsea official can do it. And who can do that in a better way?  The Chelsea twitter account? Yes. But sometimes, we understand that privacy should be maintained and hence we dont mind when the twitter account doesnt reply to these rumors. Some of the rumors are brushed aside by our great manager, Villas Boas, himself in press conferences recently.

But the account can update us with the reserve matches, cant it? We dont get to see them all. But if we get minute to minute updates in all of those matches, we can surely enjoy it. Though they are covering the reserve matches recently, our official account's coverage of the games has been poor all-around. They even doesnt give you minute to minute updates of our first team games, so I can dream about quality coverage of the reserve matches.

All of us want the Chelsea twitter account to reach 1 million followers as fast as possible. They are on a mass-unfollowing spree at the moment, as you can see, they are now only following 122 people from more than 6k people. I hope Justin Bieber is one of those 122, which many of us hate to find it. I would even like to recommend our Chelsea twitter account to follow a pornstar, instead of Justin Bieber. But oh wait, its their twitter!!

You can slate me, if I have irked you with this post, but I have been straightforward with this article, and had spoken my heart out. Up The Chels..

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